Anyone besides me miss the old Wyze?

I miss the early days of Wyze before they tried to flood the market with every imaginable product. I have been one of Wyze’s biggest cheerleaders for years now but I’m having so many problems lately that I have quit recommending them. It seems like every time they release an update it causes more problems than it fixes. And don’t even get me started on the Wyze doorbell. I’m on my 3rd and final one. When this one quits it’s going in the trash and I’m getting a real doorbell camera. Some of my cameras are so buggy I can rarely connect to them. Luckily I have real cameras (NVR with 16 IP cameras) around my house so I don’t have to fully rely on this junk.


I bought my first cameras in July 2019. It is a purchase I never regretted. I have since purchased almost every product that has been released. I have also been a hardware beta tester.

From I point of view, I think all of the new products have been great and have worked perfectly for me. I will admit that I am having some connection issues lately, but I am pretty sure it is my network.

I am in the software beta group also and that has never caused me any major problems. One of the beta vacuum releases bricked my robot vacuum, but Wyze replaced the unit,

I think they release quality products at a usually outstanding price and I am looking forward to the next new product. (Now that my tech budget has had a chance to recover.)


Here, I brought him back for ya. :grin: