Wyze is dead

Things are seriously downhill. I’ve been a heavy Wyze user for several years. I have the works. A dozen cameras, with subscriptions, sprinkler, thermostat, doorbell. Bought the scale a few weeks ago and have buyers remorse already. All told I’m probably at least a grand into hardware and subscriptions over the past few years.

Nothing works as advertised anymore. Notifications dont get sent. Cant open video logs. Doorbell doesnt ring. Even the scale fails to sync properly and takes a few tries.

Dont give me the standard troubleshooting routine. I’ve been a tech power user my entire life. Ive tried it all and it still doesnt work.

The problem is you. Unless there is a major turn around in the quality of support (a vain hope) then it is time to start shopping for replacements.


I’m sorry to hear about all these issues you’re experiencing.

I do also have few cameras, a doorbell, the scale, the HMS, headphones, a light strip, color bulbs, a switch and the Bolt Lock. Aside the dreaded foul Doorbell firmware issue - that has been fixed since, everything has been working fine. Can’t complain.

Have you considered a router issue? Is it old? Maybe you reached some of its limits.

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I’m not sure I’m ready to say Wyze is dead, but it is somewhat moribund. Every time someone comes here and posts about a problem the immediate response is “It must be your router!” Well, not always. It may or may not be…especially if you aren’t having problems with other IOT devices. I have deliberately diversified my plugs, switches, outlets, and sensors specifically because of ongoing issues with Wyze devices. I did, I’ll admit, purchase a set of 4 Wyze Mesh Routers which have improved the signals to my Wyze devices, but the jury is still out on performance.

I still have my old routers which run DD-WRT and I’m not going to get rid of them. They don’t rely on the cloud for configuration or ongoing service. Much like my light switches and plugs, they’ll still work if Wyze no longer exists.

I suggested this because I had an issue few years ago with my heatpump units - they are WiFi enabled.

Contrary to many other IOTs I had that were running fine, they kept disconnecting from the router almost every week. Attaching them back was an annoying process.

For unrelated reasons, I changed my router to a newer model (other brand) and guess what, my heatpump units never disconnected again. It was indeed a router issue (and/or a compatibility issue with the units WiFi).

In the end, it fixed everything. Don’t underestimate this possibility.
Hope you can find the issue.

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I don’t personally have any issues, but others that do troubleshooting is important. I’ve replaced my sister’s router twice for failures for instance. But even if all devices are working perfectly at your location, logs can help the Devs figure out how to expand device capabilities to suit real-world situations. :slight_smile:

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I feel you.

My mailbox sensor won’t send notice to my Alexa routine when it’s opened. It does work, when the box is opened it tells me Wyze app but that’s a far as it goes.

My v3 in the right window keeps going offline so I switched it with another v3 with a different SD card, same problem. Changed ports to see if the power port on the surge protector was failing, nope.

Using one of their AC plugs it’s now plugged into the surge protector. Let’s see how long before it goes offline again.

Like you, went through all the steps. None worked. And calling will get you nowhere because they are just reading a script. They have no actual knowledge of the device itself.

I understand that you (Wyze) have to keep innovating but you also have to work at maintaining your current devices. If the firmware has broken the device then issue out a previous firmware so it will work again. If 1,000 customers are telling you something is wrong, you should be looking into that problem. Don’t say, yeah were working on that and then ghost us.

A lot of people bought into Wyze for various reasons but now people are starting to see through the cracks and are looking elsewhere. You’re not the only player out there, you may be cheaper than everyone else but paying more has its benefits.

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That is allegedly the ridiculous point of “Fix-It Fridays.” Everyone gets to vote on which bugs are most worth fixing so Wyze can ignore the others.


I’ll have to say I feel the same. That Wyze is going down hill.
I also was in the same boat where people had horrible experiences with the hardware but I never did.
My Cams are still rocking and so far the V3 is too. I am very close to finishing my ADT contract and I was going to switch to Wyze but now I’m a little concerned about performance.
When it comes to cameras, plugs and such I don’t mind a little bug here and there. They do tend to get them resolved ASAP.
When it comes to my security though, I do want a high level of confidence in the equipment and serivces.

I’ll see how things go for the next month or so and make a decision.

I really appreciate the Forum and I feel that over all the people in it are great.

Hopeful that I can have my faith restored,


Wyze stopped caring about fixing bugs and customer service, even though they said they were going to fix things. Well, they lied. It’s more important for them to release new products faster and faster, of which many are just rebranded products designed by other companies. Their AI has not gotten better, yet they keep adding new motion tagging labels that don’t work consistently. Why not fix it before adding on to it?!

I live on in the hearts of old men (our top customer segment!)

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