Worst company i have ever delt with

No one ever gets back to you. No one ever resolves a problem and no one cares.
I have delt with hundreds of companies over my many years but i have nevet come accross one this bad. They have good ideas and good products but no one can fix or help you and service is non existent. Do your self a big favor and buy from anyone else.


Can you tell us what product you were having problems with and what kind of help you needed that they said they were getting back to you on?

Do you have a support ticket number we can potentially pass on to someone? When did you contact support for that support ticket?


I’ve had better luck with them, but I’m pretty vanilla, v2 cams, bulbs and plugs.

My worst company ever was our (100 yr old) local newspaper after it was bought by a hedge fund. Very bad. Demoralizingly so.

And this forum is a good resource. Lots of johnnys-on-the-spot with mad skills to help you.


I am surprised by this one. I’ve always been able to get a hold of someone and had the issue fixed quick.

The three times I’ve reached out. Hope you get it all figured out!


If you call me Monday I can go over everythjng .

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I couldn’t agree more. My doorbell quit letting me see videos, error code 09. No amount of sending logs,chats,emails or attempted phone calls has helped. This was down for days and days and the chat person said give it 5 hours, that was several days ago. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I deleted the doorbell and spent an hour with the damn wrong qr code nonsense and of course it still doesn’t work. I cancelled cam plus and am replacing all wyze cameras. They are in over their heads and their once good products are now failures. I’m apologizing to my friends that I recomended buy wyze cams because their having issues now also.


Can you please provide some more information so that we can get a better understanding of what issues you are experiencing.

  • Which Device
  • Firmware Version of the Device
  • What Version of the App you are using
  • Did you submit any logs
  • Did you get a Support ticket when you contacted Wyze

This is a member to member forum and some of us are volunteers to assist when needed. So any information you can provide would be beneficial.

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Wyze doorbell. Freezing when loading. I know the nv setting change to get it to load. More logs sent than I care to remember. 09 failure to load video. This has been persistent for a while. No help from wyze. They told me repeatedly that it was the internet or my router. I already removed my wyze cameras and cancelled cam plus. Thanks for reaching out though but I wasted a thousand dollars worth of time for a 50 dollar camera.

Many rickets in.
First was keypad issues and finally figured it out myself because no one there had a clue and just replaced them and same problem.
Then first issue fixed I disarm alarm and seconds later it says enter code and check to disconnect or something like that ea and every time it’s disarmed and sometimes vol goes high by itself. Then I got monitoring and had alm kinds of issues so discontinued monitoring because like everything no one to talk to. You guys had great idea but your service in non existant and when you do get somone they have no clue. Your company will eventually fail because of how you operate and I will continue to tell everyone to buy other systems that are supported.
Ron Arpino

You do realize that I am a community member as well. It is not my company nor am I employed by Wyze. I am simply a community volunteer.

Based on what you provided, it sounds like the issues you are or were having is with the HMS, correct? I have had mine for more than a year and have not experienced the same issues as you. I do run the Beta Apps and Firmware as I enjoy testing and seeing what will be coming. The Issues could have been a number of things, but at this point it sounds like you made up your mind.

Thanks for providing some information on what issues you were experiencing.


Sorry I was responding to wyze but did it yo you. I sent it to them after but as usual they don’t respond.

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Not a problem.

agreed… and badly made outdoor cams… check out my terrible experience: Sick of failing Outdoor v1 cams

But what, buy what alternative? im ready… im SO ready to dump them…

Company has no one to support users good products but no support or help and just leave you hangjng

This forum is primarily a user-to-user community and not a substitute for Wyze Customer Support. Wyze employees do not actively monitor this forum. Some forum volunteers (Mavens) have the ability to escalate your support case, but they need your support ticket number(s) in order to proceed.


This company is an electronics night mare. I have been an engineer in electronics all my life and there is no worse company out there than Wyze. NO SUPPORT. There is no one there that can resolve anything. The so called specialist only will talk to you in e mails because they have no knowledge of the products and they send you boiler plate crap but your problem never goes away.
They are happy to take your money but if anything goes wrong like my sense hub you can try forever but there is not one single person there that can tell you what is wrong or how to fix it. I have an entire system and now they claim there are no sense hubs available so my entire system is worthless just like the company. I just fiked a report with the BBB to try to keep people form buying this crap. Actually the equipment is ok that is not the problem its the lack of one person in the entierwe company that can resolve an issue because they look at a book and if its not in there they have no clue. I have spoken to many so called specialist and they couldnt find the bathroom door on an outhouse.