Wyze stopped working for all devices

None of my camera’s/lights/sensors are working. The app shows a cloud with a line through it next to each of them. This started this morning, and I tried restarting the devices and logging out/logging into the app (I also checked the router, and it is working fine). I cannot reach any support, so I am posting here.

You say the router is working fine, but did you restart it too? Sometimes they get into modes where they block certain connections.


Thank you. I had assumed the router was fine, since everything else that uses the internet was working (and it said it was working); but when I restarted it the Wyze stuff came back too.


Thanks for the update! :+1:

Yeah that happens with my router all the time for lots of IOT devices (not just Wyze), especially on the 2.4GHz band. Lots of other stuff will be working fine (computers, cell phones, and several other things), but for some reason some smart devices just can’t connect through the router on that 2.4GHz band. Sometimes I’ll even try to switch a computer to connect to that signal and it says there is no internet, but my wife’s laptop will be working fine. Not sure the full cause of this…I have read other people say that it sometimes has something to do with memory leak issues, and so for routers this happens on, rebooting the router regularly sometimes resolves it and keeps it working well, so I bought a plug that would reboot my router in the middle of the night every day to keep those memory leak issues low. Worked fairly well for the most part. It sure can be frustrating though.


My 4-year old Netgear R6400 never needs restarting for this sort of thing, but I have had issues at work with Netgear switches that do. So I suppose anything may do it, good thing to try.

My R6400 is an AC1750 router. Always up for more connections, and I have a freakload. $80-$100.

Yeah, it’s happened to me with too many routers to count. Probably doesn’t help that I have like 100 devices trying to fight for router time…

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I got a new ax mesh system a while back and I hate that it does not have a reboot schedule on it…im really thinking about getting a new network just for that reason. its crazy

I read some articles about how the new WiFi 6 Mesh networks are AMAZING for IOT devices, even if the IOT devices are still running on older protocols including all of them on 2.4GHz.

As I recall, this guy was saying that he’s had lots of trouble with his routers crashing due to IOT overload and thus smart devices always having connectivity issues, etc. He got these new Orbi Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 router/satellite and he’s never had a single crash or connectivity issue since despite having over a hundred devices constantly using them:


He went off about how they’re the best thing on the market he’s ever tested with perfect connectivity for anyone with tons of devices. I really wish I could justify their stinking price range…My wife would kill me. He went on to mention some other WiFi 6 systems with similarly amazing functionality with us owners of WAY TOO MANY devices…so I might try one of the others.

That router is probably my #1 wishlist item right now though. I sometimes get to my wits end with Router problems, and if those things work as good as this guy claims, they might even be worth it if they save me all that aggravation for the next several years! So, I may just try to convince my wife those are my birthday AND Christmas present or something…she might not go for it, but I almost can’t take it anymore, I’m sick of buying new $100+ routers just for all of them to still have crashing issues (though it’s probably partially Comcast’s fault…and of course my fault for having too many devices…)…that’s another reason I’m thinking of trying to migrate a bunch of stuff to home assistant/local use, so I can have them on a dedicated local router that stops competing so much for cloud time…I just love Wyze pricing too much to 100% commit that way.

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I tried an orbi system at first and actually had an issue where I had to update the router…through EACH update from its manufacture to the current update at that point…something like 15 updates…and then do the same thing for each satellite. after running through a few manual updates I got sick of it. I felt it said a lot for their interface and update protocols. I think I was on the phone with a very nice lady in support for about 2 an hour walking through these updates because it wasn’t just hit a button and let it go…it was rather tedious. I had enough and returned that system and with with a nighthawk system. the update protocols are better but overall the user interface is quite lacking in options.
the big upside to that system you linked to is that it is tri-band…so you would have more bandwidth and less interference…something all smart homes should keep in mind. in the near future thats going to be a must have.

with the big switch to wifi 6E coming in the next year or so in a bigger roll out im thinking there is going to be a fairly big drop in some prices in just the older ( at that point) ax systems. in seeing some of the IN STORE pricing for routers, using groupon for buying memberships, it can be worth it to have a membership to costco or sams club…sometimes their tech sales can be pretty good.

@carverofchoice if anything on that crazy price…they do offer a triband system that just dosent have quite the speed for far less. cnet gave it a great review too.

triband mesh router

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