Microphone on the Headphones

I just got my headphones. Loving the feel and the sound. I was doing some testing with Teams for work and everyone said the microphone made me sound very distant. The mic’s level is at 100 already. Anyone else having this issue?



I have no idea but will use this as an excuse to complain about Teams. You will be better off using its dial-in or dial back functions IF your account supports them. When I used a headset setup people told me I sounded much better when disconnecting that and using the built in laptop mic instead. VoIP in general is ALWAYS terrible. Teams does a decent job with video though.

You might also try the Wyze headphones with a regular or cell phone (instead of laptop pairing) and see if the mic works any better.

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Agree with teams for sure! I did try with the built in mic and it was much better. It also sounded low on 8X8 Virtual Office. Good call on trying with the cell phone, i will give it a whirl for sure.

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Hi guys,
Big fan here, so much so that i’ve recommended this to a bunch of friends and colleagues when it was still on pre-order. We also got 3 of our own now and have tested on all.
Mentioning this because it seems like we’re all suffering from this same issue (and a couple of compatibility issues as well). Sound seems distant and low when used with a laptop or a mac in video conferencing.
For what it’s worth, it’s also acting up on a bunch of apps on the iphone. Karaoke apps now allow you to record a song with some random person, and every single “song partner” seems to have better audio, dramatically, even when using the $10 cheapest ear plugs with mic.

Help, i’ve been such a big fan for so many years, this doesn’t seem like the quality i’ve grown used to with Wyze.

Agree with the original post. The headphones are great but the gain on the mic is way too low. Compared to other Bluetooth headphones you’re barely heard on these. I really like the sound and feel but this is a dealbreaker becoming my regular set of headphones.

I am having the same issue when using discord on my Note 20. Sounds fine when I uses note taking apps. I have already played with discord settings.

I’m on a Mac and have this issue. Even at 100% input gain, I sound “distant”.


I hear from every single person that the volume of my voice is low and sounds distant when using the headphones on a call with my Android phone. Is there a way to connect a wired mic to the headphones to get around this until it is fixed. The noise cancellation is great but hard to use for phone calls with the mic so bad.

In the group with microphone level too low. Seems like the headset identifies itself as “headphones” so there’s not way to boost the mic. level on Windows, Linux, Android or iPad (have tried all of them).
Seems like just identifying as a headset would do it, but there’s always “gotchas” with stuff like that. Software isn’t always as easy as it looks. :wink:


I just joined the beta program and was able to upgrade my headphones to 2.1.111. I can confirm that my microphone is now working very well.


That is great news. I am looking forward to the firmware being released soon.

how does one join the beta program?

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The mic issue definitely needs to be fixed, I tried to use the headset on 2 conf. calls this morning (MS Teams and Zoom on Windows laptop) and the feedback was the same, you sound very distant and far away
Otherwise they will collect dust in the drawer!

So far super supporter on the camera side but the headset needs some work
Did this not get tested?

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Same here. I’m on the firmware 2.1.111 also and it’s still too low.

To bump the thread, v2.1.112 and still an issue

Got my headphones today and updated to firmware to v2.1.126 and placed 5 test calls and everyone had issues hearing me.

Same issue with the microphone for me. Wonder if Wyze could utilize the headphone jack to add a better microphone in the future for those of us looking to use the headphones for meetings.

I just bought the Wyze headsphones and I agree, all my co-workers say the microphone makes me sound distant. I haven’t played with Windows 10 gain settings yet, if anyone has guidence on how to increase gain as others had mentioned, plus let me know.

I’m having these same issues. Anybody resolve this?