Wyze Headphones and Microsoft Teams = No Go

I am using macOS Big Sur and can connect my Wyze headphones to my Mac and seems to work with the exception of MS Teams. I can select the headphones as a source, but cannot hear throughout the headphones not does the microphone work.

I was dealing with this same issue. After some tooling around I realized that the only way to get it to work was if I selected:
Audion Device: Custom Setup
Speaker: Headphone (Wyze Headphones Stereo)
Microphone: Anything other than the Wyse option.

The mic will work if I select the Wyze Headset option, but if I select the Wyze Headset option as the speaker or mic, then I can’t hear anything in the headset speakers. At first I thought this was just MS Teams, but I just tested it in Windows and got the same thing.

When I open the Sound settings control panel and right click on the Wyze Headset option and click “Test” it acts like it playing the test sound, but I don’t hear anything and the little level meter doesn’t move. It should play two tones, one of the left and one on the right.

Another note is that when I use the same test option for the Wyze Headphones device I hear the left tone played through my computer speakers, and the right tone in the right speaker of my headset, and there is some choppiness in the headset between the two tones being played.

Test option i’m using:

What I see for a few seconds after clicking test:

Then it returns to the first screenshot.

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I am having similar issues.

  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Microsoft Teams
  • WYZE Headphones

I can listen to Spotify via web browser. Works great.
I can use the headphones during a Zoom meeting. Works great.

Open Microsoft Teams and join a call… I can no longer hear ANY audio until I switch to another speaker (ie, built-in speakers on the laptop…).

I’m on Win10, but I use my Wyze headphones daily for Teams meetings and have no issues with them. Only time I have an issue is if I get a call, because the phone takes over the headphone…but that’s more my problem for connecting to both…lol

Just tried my new Headphones with Windows 11 and Teams.
Absolutely no issues there. Other parties told me sound was good from the microphones.

Anyone having issues, just make sure you properly paired the headphone (which BTW went super fine) with Windows. Then make sure you selected the Wyze Headphones as the speakers and microphone in Teams - using the devices settings tab.

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