Wyze headphones Bluetooth quality

When I use my Wyze headphones on my Samsung S9, the bluetooth sound quality is way better than my Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. I suspect that it’s the difference between Bluetooth 4.1 and Bluetooth 5.0.

Has anyone else had this experience? The laptop sounds like reverb is on and sound is coming through a cave.

Also, I cannot find a way to increase gain on the microphone within Windows 10. Checked on the sound mixer and driver properties.

You should check if your headphones are connected to Windows as “Headphones (Stereo)” or “Headset (Hands-Free AG Audio)”.

If its the latter then there will be definite lower quality sounds as it needs to pass both audio and voice over the same bandwidth as it would with only audio in a headphones setting.


Thank you @rspierenburg that was the fix! Oh my god, it’s like night and day.

For anyone browsing the Forum, Windows key > Settings > Sound > Output should be Headphones (Wyze Headphones) make sure there is no AG Audio in the description.

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A. That’s a great tip.

B. Man it stinks that Bluetooth doesn’t have enough bandwidth to do it 2-way without reduced quality.

I did notice that for MS Teams audio, you still have to use AG audio setting for both the speaker and the microphone, which I think deminishes the audio quality slightly. I imagine that this is due to some sort of call control being passed over the channel. Would be nice to have HD audio and use separate channels for mic and speaker.

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Not sure about MS Teams, but with Zoom I was pretty sure I was able to choose the HD Audio in the speaker settings and then use the webcam mic with it.