Wyze Headphones- Dual Audio with PC Calls

Hello, I just got myself these nice new headphones and so far everything is great. However I do have one issue with them, but I feel like it’s a setting somewhere so maybe someone here has an idea.

I use WebEx Teams (Similar to Zoom, Skype, etc) to make phone calls for my work. And I usually have it push out call audio to my headphones. Now, this works. The microphone is working great as well. But here is my issue…

On all my other headphones, I could still play audio like from Youtube or an MP3 file concurrently with my audio call. But for these headphones, it seems that when I’m on a call, I’m stuck either listening to the audio call or I have to hang up to hear any other audio.

It seems like Windows is seeing the headphones as two seperate entities at the same time. Wyze Headphones - Stereo Audio and Wyze Headphones - Hands-Free AG Audio. Calls appear to only work through the hands-free audio and while I can get regular music to go through the hands-free, it sounds like garbage.

I try to set my Teams to push call audio through “Stereo” but that just fails. I can’t hear anything from my phone call through that. Call audio that goes through “Hands-Free” seems just fine.

In short, I want to be able to hear music while still being able to hear my phone calls. Am I making sense? Kind of hard to explain.

Any support for this issue?

Yes, that didn’t seem to change anything. It’s weird, it’s as if WebEx or Zoom with take over control of the headset entirely. Youtube on the background will still play, I preseme it’s still sending audio, it just never gets there.

Interestingly enough… if I use the 3.5mm jack. it works without issue so I guess I might just have to do it that way.