Wyze headphones and Apple ecosystem

Own an iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. I have the Wyze headphones arriving later this month. I suppose they’ll handshake with my ATV via bluetooth, but with regard to voice assistant integration (voice, touch control, etc.), will I be completely out of luck? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

What do you mean by this? You can use Alexa and the built-in assistant on your phone(in your case Siri) or whatever device that the headphones are connected to.

Hmmm, so can Siri be used to change volume, mute, etc. or is that only with touch/button control on the headphones? Or ask the headphones (Alexa) to do this? Sounding like I’ll need to just wait until they arrive and experiment. lol

With the Siri voice assistant you have the ability to tell the Apple device to do all its normal Siri features including audio controls. This of course provides hands off functionality to the headphones. This is interpreted by the setting in the Wyze app: settings, voice assistant - native. You have two touch control options included: cover right ear to quickly pause audio and remove noise cancelation for a conversation. Second you can double tap for voice assistant. Finally you have the physical buttons as well.

I will say on all my products audio quality is very poor between 10 and 30%. 40 and on is better. It’s buzzy at 10% and cuts out . 20% has a airy sound and slowly gets better from there. Also I noticed the Apple TV HD or 4K audio is pretty horrible. The basic noises while moving through content is way off buzzy sounding. When watching a movie it was just not the expected quality. On all other products it was fine just Apple TV.

I will say the Bluetooth transition between two connected devices is slick and clean. I have been enjoying that immensely.

Update: with noise cancellation off the lower audio sound issues are definitely not as apparent. Seems to be mostly tied to noise cancellation.


Very helpful, thanks …

You should be able to do everything you described, but obviously voice assistants aren’t always perfect.

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