Wyze Headphones- Am I supposed to be able to use these to answer/make phone calls?

I was under the impression I could use my Wyze headpohones to make/take phone calls. Was listening to Spotify this morning and I heard the phone ring through my headphones but I answered the call and received no audio nor could I send audio through my iPhone 12 with the headphones on. Had to pick the phone up manually and talk. Is this not a feature? Am I doing something wrong?

You can definitely use them to make and answer calls. I am on android and this worked without a hitch for me. Make sure you are connecting to wyze headphones sometimes there is another option with a wierd name and that one doesn’t work. Asside from that I found the following information specifically for IOS:

"The iOS system selects audio routes for phone and VoIP calls, and the default audio routes are different from what you expect.

The default audio route for a phone call after connecting an iOS device to a Bluetooth device:

  • After tapping the answer button on iPhone, the default audio route is the iPhone speaker.
  • After tapping the answer button on a Bluetooth device, the default audio route is the Bluetooth device."

from: Why can't I answer calls through a Bluetooth device after connecting it to an iOS or Android device? | Agora Documentation

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This is good to hear. But to clarify, the noise cancel feature applies to the sound you hear through the 'phones. If I can make a phone call through my iPhone will the person I’m calling have to deal with the noise from a car?
Looking for a phone headset that is noise canceling (earbuds hurt and olver ear solve that problem) and has stereo sound.