Incoming Phone Calls on Wyze Headphones

Hi im on iphone 12 ios 14.2.1, When phone calls come in and im playing music - the music mutes but there is no phone ring/announcement, When SMS come in i get the appropriate ping sound.
Anybody have this behaviour - or am i missing something.

I have the same issue with Android. Mutes but no ring in the headphones.

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I also have the same issue. And if the music is paused when the call arrives, I don’t hear anything at all.

Same here, phone vibrates (which i have not set) and not hearing a ring but sounds in the headset mute.

We’re having the same issue with our Wyze headphones on Android. Incoming calls only ring on the phone and not in the headphones. The only way to know there’s a call is that the audio is muted, which is not convenient when the phone is in a pocket or bag. Expected functionality would be to hear a notification of an incoming call as our Bose and Samsung earbuds do. Hopefully this feature will be included in a near future update.

I have the same issue with my Android phone. Current audio stops when a call is coming in, but no announcement by the headphones. Any updates on this issue?

Has there been a fix? It’s pretty annoying for me not to hear it ring when it’s great on the AirPods.