Alexa on Wyze headphones

I just got an email saying my headphones will ship in 2-3 weeks. Not mid-November as originally promised but I could live with that.

In the email, it says “Also, a heads up that iOS users will be able to immediately change their default voice assistant to Alexa, while Android users will be able to starting December 2nd.”. Do the headphones work with Google Assistant? I just hope you’re not going to force me to downgrade to Alexa because I will be totally pissed off.

For reference;

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I would assume they are like any other headphones with an assistant. What I mean is, if you have Alexa built into your headphones, but your phone is Android, your headphones Mic would be actively listening for Alexa to trigger. It has an active mic though, which means if you are connected to your phone, you should be able to trigger both Alexa (built-in) or Google Assistant while connected to your phone.

Hopefully that makes sense, but I assume you should be able to! I dislike Alexa very much as well and would be bummed!

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Welcome to the Wyze community @millettcf!
The headphones will work with Alexa and whatever assistant is built into your phone.
As for the Alexa integration, I’m not sure there’s a delay with Android devices. @WyzeKim do you know?