How to switch Headphones to use Alexa on iPhone?

I got a notification that I could switch my headphones to use Alexa within the Wyze app on my iPhone, but I can’t seem to figure that out. it’s currently using Siri. How do I switch it to use Alexa?


So I figured it out. I’m not sure why or how, but there’s an option in headphone settings in the Wyze app to switch between Alexa or the native built-in voice assistant. Except when I first got my headphones and added through the app, that setting wasn’t there. I looked at every option in the settings numerous times. I couldn’t possibly miss something that obvious. So again, not sure how or why, but when I launched the app later in the day, that option appeared and I was able to select Alexa.

You then have to launch the Amazon Alexa app and approve the prompt that comes up to allow the headphones to use Alexa.

Once those two steps are done, it works.