Headphones keep summoning assistant

Question for the headphone owners out there:

Mine all of the sudden keeps trying to activate the voice assistant. I went in and turned that off in the tap settings, but it keeps summoning Siri or Alexa no matter which I set it to. And it’s not device specific, as it’s doing it on my iPhone and iPad. Every 30 seconds or so it pauses what’s playing and summons the assistant.

Anyone had this issue or know of a fix?

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I am not seeing the above issue with my Wyze Headphones. I have them connected to an iPhone 12 Pro Max.
When on the Voice Assistant activates on double tap. When Do Nothing is selected, nothing happens at double tap.

Are you on the most recent Wyze app and Firmware for the headphones?

Good to know it’s probably not widespread. I am on the latest app and firmware versions.

I’m actually unable to get them to turn on now unless I hold down the ANC button for 7 seconds and do a reset. However, it doesn’t seem to go into pairing mode anymore either. I am connected on my iPhone to “LE-Wyze Headphones,” but it doesn’t recognize them in the app. And when I hold the power button down to put them in pairing mode, it doesn’t do anything. This “LE-Wyze Headphones” is a new thing. It used to just say Wyze Headphones.

And actually, now that I’m testing it, they aren’t working in wired mode either. Not sure if that’s because they are stuck on and I can’t turn them off or if it’s something else. Looks like it’s time to reach out to support!

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For the last couple of days my Wyze headphone has been doing the same thing. It would summon siri every few seconds. I have tried to push and hold the button on left earphone to reset but issue persists. This happens whether the headphone is connected to a device or not. @Annyong has there been a result from your support call?

I have the same problem. Any solution yet?

Have you found a solution yet?