Wyze headphones

Anyone know when these will start to ship this month?

Mid-November according to this link: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051506232


Safe to say we are past mid-November? Lol.

It looks like they changed it to the end of November on that chart



Yep…just waiting on shipping info now…I ordered mine on 10/8… cant wait!!

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I ordered the headphones on 9-29-20 and I have not received a notification that they have shipped yet. I am excited about trying them out though.

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I received my Wyze Headphones today! I’m very excited! They are charging now, I cannot wait to use them. For anyone else receiving them, are yours scuffed or scratched right out of the box? It’s minimal, on the sides of mine, under the protective cover. Wyze Headphones Just came in! (Unboxing) - YouTube ← Unboxing Video

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What is the verdict after charging them?

Received my Wyze headphones today. They sound really good! I’m very please with the design and quality of the device.

Excellent! I wore them for 3 days before I needed to charge them again. I do mean that. I put them on in transparency mode, and wore them. Sound is excellent. I’ve listened to music, watched movies. Also used them for my VR headset audio. Really good quality.

I initially setup the headphones to use Alexa and then decided to go back to Google. The changes are made through the Wyze app. When I went into the Wyze app to make the change back to Google Assistant, the app defaults to “Native Assistant” which should be Google Assistant. Unfortunately, when I double tap on the right headphone, Alexa responds even though the “Native Assistant” is selected in the Wyze app. Anybody have the same issue?

That is weird, Mine fit perfectly when folded up. I like that there are little individual pockets for the charging and jack cable.

Great to hear!! What is transparency mode?

Did the headphones just show up at your house or did everyone get Tracking numbers? Mine just says “pre order”. I know that sometimes Wyze ships them without emailing you the tracking number. I just dont want them to arrive “unattended” … lots of thefts of boxes on your doorstep this time of year

I received an email confirming shipment that included a tracking number.

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Glad they system works like it is supposed to… so far no email for me :thinking:

Transparency mode turns on the external mics, and let’s you hear what’s around you. You can have the headphones on but still be present with your surroundings.

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Now mine says shipping in December. I’m so far not impressed with the shipping speed.


Hi @ruger1776, I understand the frustration. It used to be order a camera get a camera. Then WYZE starting developing new tech, all things we clearly want. With very attractive prices. I feel like I have been waiting and waiting. Waiting for doorbell cameras, waiting on thermostats, waiting on headphones, and to add to the list a robovac ( I have or have pre-ordered every product they make except the sprinkler control as I have no irrigation system). I keep buying and I keep waiting, and I too have shared the frustration then I level set myself… Startup tech, preorder for backing, pandemic. etc. Then you get the tech and it’s buggy, or not quite there for some, just right for others. I read through these forums a lot (usually only read and just recently started sharing) and there are a multitude of complaints and I understand most of them 100% and have experienced my own problems with some of the products, but at the end of the day we have a choice to consume or not. Imma hang out, I have a lot of faith and appreciate what the WYZE company is doing in this market having been under the VIVINT thumb for years.

I guess what I am sharing is my personal patience in the matter, as I was checking my own order status. Doesn’t get you your headphones any faster, but I do sympathize. As soon as I have those thermostats I am done with VIVINT. That’s money back in my pocket and away from a horrible company that is not doing anything to improve and charging me a monthly fee for their outdated tech.

Have a great day, hope you get and are able to enjoy your headphones soon.


Thank you for that. That was a well thought out message. And you’re right, I’m sure the pandemic and really the holiday season has alot to do with it