Wyze Cam App and Mac M1 Audio compatibility issue

MAC M1 OS 13.4.1 (c) Ventura - Audio on Mac is in the mud ( not loud), Completely closing out Wyze app ( Ctl- Alt - Del) clears issue. All Wyze cams and apps are updated to latest, Mac OS is updated, Audio on on all cams.

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Same issue here. When the app opens, it takes over the audio and once you exit, it takes a minute or two to reset the audio to default.

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If you do a force quit out of Wyze app it is immediate

Same here. They won’t fix it because they say the iOS app on Mac isn’t supported. If more people complain, maybe. But I doubt it.

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Interesting issue, I wonder if other apps that use sound create the same problem.

Have had this issue for a quite a while or so. It was working before but then all of a sudden I’d notice anytime I opened it that the volume of my macbook or studio would drop by like 95% forcing me to increase the volume on whatever external speaker I was using lik my home theater or mixer.

If they can’t fix this the aggravation isn’t worth it, anyone have any suggestions for a camera brand that you can use that will allow you to view the cams on your mac and not just via an app on your phone? I can’t understand why this is such a complicated thing to as for, I just want to use my mac and have some camera streams up to keep an eye on things on a separate monitor.

It’s an apple issue, what works for me is to force quit the Wyze app unless actually using it. Can run in background nut doesnt update after a while and has audio issues.

I just updated the Wyze app 2 days ago and it seems fixed… for now. On Ventura 13.5.1 (22G90).

Edit: Nope… still exists just takes longer to kick in for whatever reason. Bummer.