Viewing Wyze Cam v3 on Macbook

I have a Wyze Cam v3 with the app installed on my iphone. I would like to view the camera and the stored videos in Cam Plus on my macbook. Is there a way to do this.


Not currently, unless maybe you have a new MacBook with the M1 CPU. You can use the Wyze app on iOS and Android tablets and phones, however.

I personally bought a 10" 32 GB Amazon Fire tablet to dedicate as a 4-camera monitor. You can get those for $100 if you have something like CamelCamelCamel monitor for sales. The only problem is Wyze doesn’t directly support the device, so you have to ‘sideload’ the Wyze app, and it will crash out to the Wyze app Home screen a few times a day. But it was only $100, so I tolerate it.

Here is an M1 Mac implementation:

You can vote for other desktop apps/capability in this Roadmap item:


I too just downloaded the WYZE IOS app to my M1 MacBook Pro and it works perfectly fine. An unexpected surprise, but very pleased.

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Any progress on an app for Mac?