Bring the Wyze iOS app to macOS

Apple is bringing iOS apps to macOS in Project Catalyst in the next iteration of macOS (Catalina) due this fall. If reports are correct, this will allow developers to make their iOS apps available on macOS with a simple toggle of a switch in the compiler.

If it all works out, this will allow Wyze to make their iOS app available on macOS with essentially no development effort and without the increased security risk that could be introduced in a web-based app.**

UPDATE: This is now implemented. For more information see Post #42 below.

That is great news if that occurs.

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This is huge :mailbox_with_mail: news for Wyze and us users :star_struck: that want to see our cams from a computer :computer: we should be telling :loudspeaker: everyone to get ball rolling :soccer:

view wyze cams via the Wyze app from my Apple Mac Book Pro , Like i do from my Samsung Tablet

I know there is a popular wishlist item for PC/Browser access generally , but I’m hoping Wyze will give special consideration to a MacOS app, especially with Apple’s announcement of the project Catalyst/Marzipan tool to make it (relatively) easy to port an existing iOS application to Macintosh. It’s low-hanging fruit.

It would help me to be able to see my Wyzecam video larger than what is visible on my phone.


Wyze please try to get the wyze app on computers.

Hi there I’m a big fan of your products. I really wish that you guys would create an extension for the iPad which in turn would be an extension for the new macOS Catalina system. I would absolutely love to be able to see my cameras on my computer! I can do it on my iPad now but you guys will need to make some adjustments For the app to be compatible with the new operating system Catalina. :slight_smile: i’m sure I’m not the only one that would like to be able to monitor their cameras via computer. The changes are pretty small on your end, Apple has made it very easy for developers like yourself to make the leap. And customers like myself would very much appreciate it. It would really bring the entire system to a whole new level. It would be like having a full scale. There’s potential for creating shortcuts to back up recordings, therefore longer memory. It would expand opportunities to small businesses possibly they don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a security camera system but need that kind of compatibility with a computer system. :pray:t2::pray:t2:

I don’t care how, but we need to be able to access Wyze products on a computer. Sounds like Catalyst would be a relatively efficient way to bring the iOS app to Mac. Doesn’t need to be pretty, as long as it lets me view my cameras on a computer.


In the meantime I use BlueStacks to get my WyzeCams on my Mac and I use the RTSP firmware with BlueIris as well to enable web access. Neither option is as good as the true Wyze app. Though there are a few options, I agree that Wyze needs to get at least a Web based interface soon to stay relevant with the market they have won over with a good cheep camera.


Many Wyze fans who own Macs have been patiently waiting for the Wyze engineers to develop its app for the Mac OS. It’s difficult to understand why it has not yet happened since they managed to develop an app for Apple’s iOS since it introduced its product to the public consumer.

Just want to add my request for the Macintosh OS application for all Wyze devices, especially with the growing product line. A search of the Mac OS App Store reveals nothing by y’all at all. Please, please, please.

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I work in the software dev world, I can try to explain:

  1. Mac Catalyst isn’t fully-fleshed out despite Catalina’s release. A lot of developers are having a hard time using it as Apple hasn’t released a lot of docs on Catalyst and there are bugs or missing features. That’s why there aren’t more than a dozen or so iPad apps ported to macOS. I wouldn’t expect this to take off for another few years as Apple continue to improve it with more docs, implement other features, and so on. This project was supposed to take several years to finish. An improved SDK with iPhone support is already planned to arrive by next fall.
  2. If we ignore Catalyst completely here, then it is not that easy to port iOS app to macOS. While some code may be reused, not everything match up between both platforms, so they’d end up rewriting most of the code for macOS. This is where they’d have to figure out the priority and resources. Given that they now need to hire an AI team to work on person detection for their cameras, it makes it more difficult to balance which is more important, a macOS app first or finish AI person detection and then ship macOS support?
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That is helpful. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

With Mac OS Catalina and the APP store on it.
would be great to have the Same APP from the Mobile IOS Platforms on your Mac!!
i think there is a lot of benefits of having this at work or home.
most people are on the computer For hours a day
please wish list it


Anyone fiddled with SecuritySpy?

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Yi can do it, why not Wyze?

Too bad I don’t have Catalina because the Apple pro photography software Aperture STOPS working with Catalina. FAIL, again !!

That’s because Aperture is 32 bit. I own and loved Aperture, but went to Creative Suite when I figured out how to buy a student email on eBay :wink:

To bring the app to MacOS and AppleTV would be amazing!!! If it works and doesn’t constantly lag and lose connection. Is there an UPDATE to this post? I mean, it’s only two years old now.

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Please tidy up the MacOS Wyze app!

Please fix the Wyze app for macOS through Mac App Store (i.e., when running the “iPad app” natively on a Mac, the app looks and works terribly. Take a look and you’ll see!).

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