Wyze app for iMac

Will Wyze develop an app for the iMac?


There are no plans to do so, although there is a wish list topic on general PC access (that if it ever happens will probably be a web browser implementation). But who knows – with the Mac now gravitating towards iOS, maybe in a few years they can port the iOS app to the mac.


It would be wonderful if Wyze would give this priority attention. I believe there are many Mac users who would prefer having the Wyze monitors available on their desktops while they are working on the computer.


yes, but if they were to develop a web portal/ browser implementation they would avoid having to develop multiple programs and it would be available to everyone at once. if they choose to take that path.

I’m not very tech savvy. But it seemed to me that since Wyze had successfully developed an app for the iOS (iPhone and iPad), I hope they would also develop one for the iMac. Perhaps you or Wyze could enlighten me about why that has not yet occurred.

Thank you.

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that I couldn’t really give you any solid information on. I am a user like you and not a Wyze employee. I am also not a huge fan of the apple-verse, they are just too restrictive for my tastes.

the way programs are built for different operating systems and computers can very quite a bit as they have to be built for the actual computing power capabilities of that device, be that your iphone or your computer. If i were to guess, being a newer startup wyze built their platform for the most common apple device, the iphone as they would reach more people. in the same way that there is also an android app for phones, but no personal computer app for windows devices, they went where the majority of consumers would use the software.

in looking where the demand is coming from and knowing the fluidity of Wyze, I could possibly see them one day ( if it was fiscally feasible) developing a web portal so that everyone could interact with their devices through a browser. just as Facebook only makes an app for mobile devices and not for home computers but they do have a website that you can do all the same activities on, the web portal would be far easier to incorporate because it would work across multiple browsers, so if you like chrome, but someone else likes internet explorer ( for some reason people still use it) or safari, it would be accessible to all those people without having to develop different programs for different devices which would take lots of time, money, and people.

its very important to remember how new Wyze is and when put into the context of the amazing things they are doing, at break neck speed no less, it is quite impressive and I would say given the appropriate amount of time, they will have ways to fulfill all off the community needs for accessibility.

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Thank you Bam. I really appreciate the time you took in responding to my question. Quite informative.

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you are most welcome.

Please keep discussion about viewing via a PC/Browser in the below thread. (Yes, an iMac is considered a PC) :slight_smile:

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A few points before we leave this topic:

  1. If implemented, access by PC (macOS OR Windows) would very likely be through a web browser interface as @Bam mentioned. So @aitc39, be sure to visit the topic linked above and vote for it. You must click the VOTE button at the top for your vote to count.

  2. I think that Wyze has been resistant to implementing a web-based access path due to security concerns about web-based apps.

  3. I think that computer-OS specific apps for macOS and Windows are not likely due to the development time and expertise that would be required.

  4. There are many users that are running the Android app on Windows or macOS using an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Nox. Some are more or less successful than others.

  5. Apple is bringing Project Catalyst to the Mac in the next major macOS update, Catalina. If reports are correct, this may let developers port their iOS apps to macOS with a single toggle in the app compiler. If that works out, Wyze may be more likely to easily bring their iOS app to macOS without any development costs or security concerns. There is a #wishlist topic for that here: Bring the Wyze iOS app to macOS (Catalina, Catalyst). You will probably want to vote for and/or comment on that topic as well.