Looking to buy Wyze, but is there a Desktop application?

I googled it and found Wyze App for PC & Mac on the Chrome store with 1-star and people saying it’s a virus. I really want a solution that has both smartphone and desktop apps.

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There is no Mac or PC Wyze app. Any you find are a scam.

You’re not the only one who wants this. Check out this top-voted wishlist topic:


I’m always for a browser version. Women’s clothing tends to be designed without useful pockets and certainly not big enough for today’s smart phones.


There is no PC app. We have been asking for one for a LONG time too. I would monitor mine in real time from my PC desktop if it were available. There are a few android emulators out there, but that is not what I want. It may be possible to use a shareware security cam program with IFTTT.

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This option or dark mode must be the most requested option.

Guess people don’t search first before jumping in.


Desktop App is a must. I spend hours in front of a PC. I don’t want to be fiddling with a small phone when I could have my camera open in a desktop window!!!

I’ve told myself no more Wyze cameras for me until a desktop version. I own more than 10 Wyze devices!


Lack of a desktop app and a dark mode has halted future purchases. I have been waiting on both and I see no progress in any direction. Glad I didn’t pay to much.

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July 1, 2021
Maybe I am too impatient on the Desktop application but can anyone take camera security serious, on a phone with multiple cameras?

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