WHY is there no app for PC? Is it because Wyze and Microsoft are competitors? I know about “emulating Android” using Bluestacks, etc., but I don’t know why Wyze itself doesn’t just add a PC app? I’d like to look at full screen cameras on monitor, not just tiny iPhone screen. Canary’s do. Thanks


Here is some light reading for you on the topic, with a recent update about the project.


Well at least they have updated and said they are researching now…Just in time for Windows 11 to support Android apps…So either way, this fall-ish Windows 11 will come out and you can just load the Android app on the PC

Excellent point. Thanks for posting.

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Want to stay updates on this

Yes this needs to happen. I use an old laptop to run my TV (hulu, netfilx, Disney+ etc. ). Why don’t we have an app I can use to view the cams? I don’t want to always have to look at my tiny phone. With it running a live view, the TV with be like an extra window.

Welcome to the forums! Are you a camplus subscriber?

If so, could try this:


How can I do this? I have the Windows 11 however when I use the play store it wont allow me to download it to my PC. It shows we have the app downloaded to our phones, however I cannot figure out how to also get it on the PC. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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