Why no PC app?

I live in the mountains, no cell service so no smart phone. Surely I’m not the only one on the planet without a smart phone?
I have 2 cameras & no way to use them.
Joe H

The workaround (for now) is to install an Android emulator such as BlueStacks on your PC and run the Wyze app within that. Or run TinyCam, which will let you view both cameras at once.

However, you will need a smartphone or tablet initially to get the cameras set up. Perhaps you can borrow one.

Thanks, I’ll try to borrow one. We’re in the Dark Ages here.

Any plans to allow computer viewing in the near future?

All you need is Wifi on your smartphone…

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And, if you had a smart phone you could probably make and receive calls via wi-fi calling.

If this topic is this old and Wyze cant deliver perhaps it would be more prudent to ask Apple or Microsoft to simply make 70" tablets. All I want is to view my cam feed on a big screen I dont care what the platform is.

If you dont care what the platform is then I think it is do-able using an Amazon Firestick in your TV. I am not positive as I do not do it but I saw that someone had it on their TV

Great product, but please work on PC app. It would be nice to have camera views on PC, or TV.

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