No cell phone - need Win 7 help

NO cell phone ($20 month for 4 minutes seems a waste) - Mobility challenged so I bought two Wyse pan cams to see outside when I hear a noise and the challenges of getting to a window. Win 7 laptop that is on my lap 20 hrs a day believe it or not. Read about some apps that are supposed to allow the cameras to work on Win OS but I am failing badly getting any to work. Bluestacks & TinyCam Pro for android…

You’re on the right track but emulators like BlueStacks take processing power and your Win7 machine may not be able to handle it. Can you get a hold of a used phone or tablet? You don’t need a cell plan - you can connect your phone or tablet only to WiFi and use the Wyze app. As you’ve learned, Wyze is rather hostile to PCs.

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Your going down a rabbit hole here.
Let me save you the grief and frustration that will inevitably come.

This is NOT the camera for you!

I’ve been through that warren and there is no gold to be found.

I’ve done the rtsp route. Tinycam Pro, blue stacks, motioneye, blue iris…, you get the picture!! ( but no video )

Unless you wish to setup a system that can handle this ( why would you wish to expend that much effort and resources for a $40 bargain )

Windows is just not a good platform for Wyze.

If you have a Firestick Tinycam Pro will definately handle your 2 cam needs.

You would then use the browser to view the cams. Just don’t push for more cams.

I can get 4 to a run ok, 5 and your toast.

Bottom line, get a Firestick 4K, or buy an iPad or android tablet to sit next to you.

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“If you have a Firestick Tinycam Pro will definately handle your 2 cam needs.”

Thank you for trying to help me.

I downloaded the Firestick app and it shows the Wyse Labs then Cam Pan cam but it wants me to put in an account “for Cloud Protocol” name and password from the Wyse app. Google store doesn’t allow me to download the app to create an account. I tried to used the name and password for logging in to this help support but that apparently isn’t what the camera needs.

Camera 1 is plugged in and keeps saying “ready to connect.” The Fire Tinycam app “Camera status” keeps showing all blanks when I check.

I carry a 10 yr old iPnone in the car just call 911 if I have breakdown traveling to cardio 2x a yr. It has iOs 7 and apparently will not upgrade to 9 that is needed for the Wyse app… so frustrating…

Thanks for trying. I do appreciate it.

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I would stay far away from that if it’s what I think it is. Wyze does not have a windows app. Read the thread I’ll link below to explain more to determine if this what you came across. If you put information into that already, I’d suggest changing your password asap.

Edit, rereading your post it now seems to me that you may be referring to something else, but I’ll leave this good info here since your talking about using a windows machine to watch Wyze cams.


This means it still needs to be set up with the regular iOS or Android Wyze app. You will not get anywhere with TinyCam if you have NOT first installed the camera using the real Wyze app. Almost any old discarded Android phone or tablet can be connected to your WiFi for this purpose. A new Fire tablet is often on sale for $50 (though the Wyze app needs to be sideloaded).

Honestly though I think you may need different cameras. :frowning:

Lastly, to Tony’s point, I hope you were talking about the real paid TinyCam app on a FireTV stick attached to your TV.

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FireStick is plugged into my TV not the Win laptop… All I wrote is what was on the Firestick TV app.

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Yep! Thanks for confirming, figured that when I read it again after my initial post. I left the other info in there incase you come across that while on your laptop.

Purchased Tinycam Pro from Amazon and downloaded to Firestick plugged into my TV under the search function and selected Tinycam Pro. Then on the TV did the setup for a Wyse Cam Pan. I’d take a photo of the setup screen but it doesn’t look like you can insert a jpg here.

Looks like the problem is needing a Wyse “cloud” user name & password and that I have to buy another device such as an Android Tablet to access the Wyse app.

Yes. And not just for account setup. As I wrote above you need the regular Wyze app at least initially to SET UP the cameras, including adding them to an account. TinyCam will not be able to do that for you. (They are completely independent and the author reverse engineered things to be able to access Wyze cameras.)

If your PC can get BlueStacks up that is still another possible path.

Maybe you can get a friend to temporarily set up the Wyze app on his or her phone for the initial camera setup at your home.

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Thank you
Unfortunately I am somewhat isolated and have outlived all my “local” friends. No one ever tells you how to be the “last man standing”. I go to the grocery store every 6+ weeks and cardiogist 100 miles away 2X a year. Due to a severe back injury 6 years ago I spend 23/7 in a recliner which is why I thought these Pan Cams would give me eyes.

I downloaded the BlueStacks but I don’t find how to get it to talk to the Pan Cams. My iPhone that I carry in the car to call 911 if needed is too old to update so I’ll just have to wait a few weeks to get an Android tablet.

Thanks for the help.

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Might be able to pick up a used Android phone for $50 on eBay. Don’t need mobile data service, only the Wyze app and WiFi connection to internet. An Android tablet is excellent choice! :slightly_smiling_face:

The way BlueStacks works is it pretends to be an Android phone. You then have to INSTALL the Wyze app WITHIN that simulated phone environment. You might still be able to get it to work. I wish you luck!

Susan, there is a lot of confusing information here, so I’m going to try and summarize what I’m seeing in your responses, and then give some basic steps to using Wyze cams. Please review and correct any misunderstandings I may have.

  1. your goal is to use your laptop running Windows 7 to view 2 Wyze cams.

  2. you have no tablets or phones capable of running the Wyze app due to the minimum requirements of iOS application.

  3. you do have a FireStick.

Here’s the steps to get Wyze cams setup to use, and the terminology used to describe the key steps and username passwords generated in the process.

You will need to have access to, and run, the Wyze app. There is no workaround that doesn’t require at a minimum the temporary use of the app.

  1. install the Wyze app on either an android phone or tablet, or install it on an iPhone or iPad. It does not need to be yours, just needs to be done to setup the cameras initially.

  2. You will register your account on the Wyze app, You will use your email as the username and password of your choice. This is the same username and password used for all access to your cameras from then on. The “cloud” username and password that TinycamPro is asking for is this username and password.

  3. Once you install the Wyze app, register and have the username and password, you’ll add the cameras to the app, and verify that you can see the cams working.

At this point, you will not require the Wyze app for daily use of the cams, but periodic use to upgrade firmware, etc. would be highly recommended.

  1. On the firestick, you install the TinyCam Pro app. Your not installing any Wyze app (you can, but it’s far more complicated and I don’t think your experience would be productive).

  2. TinyCam Pro becomes a server of the cam feeds. You can use it to view the cams on the TV, and it also can run a webserver that allows any device on the network with a standard browser ( chrome, safari, edge, etc) to access the feed for the cameras using the IP address of the Firestick TinycamPro IP.

If you have absolutely no way to run the Wyze App, even in a temporary basis just to get the cams setup, then as I said on the initial response, this cam is not going to work for you

There is a way to get the Wyze app installed on the firestick, but it involves side loading the app and a couple utilities to that address the way the app appears on the TV and give you “mouse” control on the firestick. You would install it and use it to setup the cams, or use it to view the cams on the TV.

I could not begin to give adequate instructions to the process using posts to this forum, if you search youtube, you’ll find plenty of videos showing how to “crack “ your firestick.
This is not a process a newbie should attempt. It’s not complicated as much as it is laborious, but given your feedback so far, I just don’t think you’d be comfortable doing it.

Thought I’d mention it.

With respect I believe that is not great advice. Expecting TinyCam in web server mode on a Firestick to meet her needs is kind of backwards when you are assuming she’s already acquired another Android or iOS device.

Just installing the Wyze app on an Android device or on Bluestacks and then USING that same setup to access the cameras regularly is a much simpler and more reliable solution.

(And I say that as someone who HAS transitioned to a TinyCam Pro setup with web server on a Fire HD tablet.)

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To everyone THANK YOU!

Its kinda funny I now live is a very small rural town that I chose for retirement when over a decade ago when I was offered that I could take my NY job anywhere in the country as long as I had good internet. I moved 2,300 miles and remotely logged in to offices the same as I had in NY. I spent a great deal of time from the early 1990s to 2009 building and working out the bugs of WAN LAN sytems and remote admin of networks in various offices across the Eastern US. Early 90s I was doing EDI (electronic data interchange) for hospitals, doctors, lawyers when a 19.2 dial up modem was lightening fast.

After I got hurt and forced to retire the only thing for the first couple of years was pain mitigation for an injury that doesn’t have solutions in modern medicine. 20 years ago i would have relished the software challenge but today I am Ichabd Crane… I really appreciate the help as I thought from reading a munber of Amazon answers that camera setup could be done with just a bit of fanaggling like the Tinycam Pro software. Needless to say it has turned into somewhat a greater challenge than anticipated. Afraid the technology has left me behind. At this point it looks like I need to wait a couple of weeks until I can buy a Android tablet for the Wyse software and viewing vs attempting to view the cameras on either my laptop or TV. Hope that IS the simple solution.

Again I thank everyone for trying to help me.


This step could also include; install the Wyze app on a Bluestacks emulator.
If you can get Wyze running in Bluestacks you should be able to initialize your cameras.
The cameras have to read a QR code produced by the app during setup.

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It’s not suggested as anything other than a Hail Mary. Read the posts, that was stated from the start.

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Let me restate my first response,
This is not the cam to solve the need of this customer.
Can backflips be performed to make it perform, sure. Is it something I’d recommend, no.
Can I detail a workaround that will function for two cams, yes.
That’s what I’m detailing.

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