Surveil for WYZE APP / Windows Store *issues

Getting [the above] dialog when attempting to login from PC

I cannot find the settings, that allow third party like the app is asking.

Could 100% be ME …absolutely missing the obvious

Anyone got a clue with this one ?? GRACIAS

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You’ve acquired a rogue application. Stop using it, report it, and change your Wyze credentials.

This is the second bogus Wyze related app on the Windows store that has been posted here.


This is NOT the real Wyze app as @Customer mentioned!
The Wyze app is currently only available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
I’d suggest changing your Wyze password immediately!

This issue has been reported to Wyze.

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Wow, I had no idea that Microsoft does not verify their stores apps!! Seriously, I’ve dealt with other app stores and they verify all apps offered, Apple is almost too extreme!

Hope that Wyze intends sending out notice to its userbase, this could threaten any number of users. Hope anyone that got their credentials skimmed has 2FA enabled!


Surveil is supposed to be a solution to viewing Wyze cams on a PC. No idea if it’s legit or even works. I wouldn’t risk passing my Wyze login creds to an unknown app that no one has reviewed.


Thanks for the replies Folks !!

You don’t wanna ever have to deal with refunds thru the MS Store.
Took 25 mins, on their chat box to sort things out. Refund to be issued.
The MS chat person indicates that notice of this event will go to proper
“store” channels. First time anything like this has happened to me [lucky]


It wants “third party access” because it is a third party app! Had a person in Core say once they tried using it their antivirus or malware scanner lit up. Just wants your username and password I guess. Stay far away!


Wrong thread?


Thx, yup, apologies I’ll have to move it in a couple. Just had a quick look.

Sux when you can’t see, then spend an hour trying to find the glasses to allow you to find the glasses to drive…

Apologies! And again, thx

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Apparently Microsoft has exactly zero controls over what they permit in their app store. It’s actually MORE dangerous than downloading from Major Geeks, CNet, programmer web sites, etc. Just pitiful.