Wyze needs to make it pc compatible

i would like to be able to use my pc to watch my cameras… not just my phone or tablet.

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Welcome to the forums! This is a current wishlist topic. Here is the link to the thread, which was updated recently, which talks all about this topic. Make sure to vote on this, and other wishlist topics (vote button is at top), to help them along!

Also, search the forums for tiny cam and blue stacks or fire TV, etc, plenty of threads on how to do work arounds to put the Wyze app or Wyze cams on TVs and PC until a potential Wyze solution is released.

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My Yi 1080p cam has an Android and a Windows app. The Windows app isn’t as full-featured as the Android app, but it’s better than nothing. My Yi camera syncs to the Yi app much faster than the Wyze cam syncs to the WYZE app. The Yi 1080P camera is about the same price point. Maybe it’s time to shop around for better programmers. I like your hardware better than your software. I think you have made incredible progress for a young start-up company.

I enjoy surfing and learning about other company ecosystems, like who has what, and different features that are out there. What Wyze offers with its cameras, sensors, products, all work great for me. I am patiently waiting for an official PC or web portal, but until then my phone and tablet cover my uses.

Forum Mods and Mavens are users just like yourself, not employees. There are Wyze team members that cruise the forums, and they are identified by “Wyze” in their usernames. Just a fellow superfan. :slight_smile: