Why is there no wyze windows app?

these are ip cameras so its not a hard thing to make. is there a god reason as to my they don’t want one?

There are many posts and complaints regarding the lack of any app for Windows. Wyze has decided that they are only developing for iOS (iPhone) and Adroid. There are number of options to view them on a PC, but none are native, unless you include Blue Iris.

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Short story: there’s a web view beta.

Ever so slightly longer story:


Well if you sideload the Wyze App in Windows 11
There is an App… Sort of…:thinking:


sounds like they need a new dev team if they have been working on a windows app for 3 years. i just saw that there is a 31 hour video on YouTube that teaches you c++. i wonder if i should share that link with them.

The dev team is working to modify the current programs to support the next product release, whatever that will be…I keep thinking wifi enabled bidet.

Sorry Wyze Bidet can’t wash you butt, please update your firmware :poop:


There is no way… only a ton of garbage on the internet wasting your time. I’ll find better ways to montior cameras on my PC… Wyze is a toy

Agree there should be better options, but not with Wyze. Many use tinyCam Plus which work natively with Wyze and provides a web server with all your cameras. But it only runs on Android or an Android simulator. Others use BlueStacks simulator to run the Wyze app on the PC.

None are good suggestions I know. However, that’s what’s available until Wyze creates an app. But, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Well I tried the BlueStacks simulator… and for a guy that has worked with computers since 1968 I found it impossible. Wasted countless hours working through the garbage. Wyze would increase its sales if they got their act together.

And a whole new slew of complaints too on how the Windows app sucks. :rofl:

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Yes, ALL Wyze products are TOYS I am in agreement there🙂

But there is the Wyze WebView to view in one screen, It is in Beta though…

i have outdoor cameras and it doesn’t work on outdoor cameras.

Outdoor cameras were Never intended for live view constantly due to being a battery powered device.

So any live viewing app, or software you do get working should keep you recharging those cams, until the batteries die and no longer will take a charge…

I tried a Wyze Cam Outdoor and it didn’t meet my needs.
I only use V3’s and my older V2’s and a Pan-Cam.
The 16 V3 cams I have are all outside around my property.