Wise cam app that's really for Windows

I am just setting up a gifted Wyze cam v3. I had seen there was an app available for Windows but you had to purchase the Wyze + I did and have fond the online viewer but when I try to install or download the app I only get a Chrome bowser extension that seems to do nothing but point to installing an android emulator. Is there a real Windows app as advertised or is just running the Android version using an emulator what they are calling an app? I am not willing to use an emulator or boot my everyday PC to Android for security reasons.

No. And there was never one advertised. (Much requested though.). There are some completely bogus apps that pretend to be. If you are not happy with the web viewer and not happy with an emulator, then Wyze has nothing for you. I would recommend using the Wyzecams with TinyCam for Android though.

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Yes, there is a link that allows you to view the cams on PC as long as you have CamPlus service for those cams.

I forgot the link but I’m sure someone here knows it and hopefully can post it.

Again, there just is no Windows app for Wyze. One might be able to get the Android app side loaded though.

The link you mean is for the web browser viewer, which is only in BETA, and it’s at

What the OP found was a scam.

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Thank you, that’s the URL I was talking about. I’m able to view my CamPlus cams through there.

BTW, it looks like the stream does time out and stop if you minimize the browser for a couple of minutes. I guess that must be by design if the stream provider charges Wyze by the amount of time used?

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I’ve got the live view working but I was hoping for PC program that would control the camera as well or better than by using a phone. ( not a big smart phone user). The viewer won’t log in without sending a key code to my phone which is really just for emergencies and is usually in my car. I have a land line and a comfortable size PC screen watch things with. I would only watch on a phone if traveling.

Does anyone know if those log in security keys can be sent by email? or just disable as you already have to use a password. I seems ridiculous to have to go to your phone to start a windows viewer.

Can’t you just disable two factor authentication? I don’t use the web viewer, but for regular Wyze app usage 2FA is optional.

I went to the link. But when I click on the viewing box for my camera it just keeping going round and round and never comes up. So I guess I’ll just have to wait on that one.

For what it’s worth, this is still apparently in beta testing so I wouldn’t expect it to work perfectly.


Yeah, that’s why I’ll just have to wait and see when it will work. :grinning:

Customer, that did work I wasn’t aware settings for the app reflected on the web viewer.

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Good to hear!

Ann, from what I read here Chrome is the only browser with which it really works at present.

It worked in Chrome. I don’t use Chrome anymore, but I do have it installed, so I was able to bring it up in there. Thanks!

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