Wyze Cam V3 Android App

Hi all V3 Users,

I have 2 android devices ( Phone & Chromebook ), App works great on my phone but is not available on my Chromebook in the app store.

(1) Anyone know if there is a issue with Chromebooks?
(2) Is there a windows app or some other way to view the cameras on a PC ?

PS the V3 Cam works great at night [ Great Job to the wyze team] !

The only app I was able to use to view Wyze Camera’s is TinyCam. Seems to work well but will require you to put in your wyze credential when entering each camera.

Good to hear, Found it in the app store, going to try it

thanks for the tip !

No Problem. I used the free version.

Got the app and the cams work good !

I have some older cams I’m going to try as well.

Thanks for the Tip.

No problem. Glad it worked out for you.