Installing app on multiple Android devices

I’m using cam V3 as a baby monitor. My husband and I have the app installed on our Android phones. This works fine. I would also like the app installed on a Windows Surface, but having issues with it. When I try to download Wyze app on the Surface using my Google account (already downloaded onto my android phone using this account) it says I’ve already download it. So I can’t get it on the device at all. Any advice on how to get it on the Surface without needing to create a new Google account?

As an alternative, I was thinking I could get it on the Surface using the “share” function, as I have multiple email accounts, but it didn’t work. Tried sharing to multiple emails but none of them received any communication from Wyze.

Advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.

Wyze only has apps for iOS and Android, not Windows.


That makes sense. Thank you. I’ll download an Android app emulator.