ChromeOS support

When will Wyze app work on my new Chrombook, chromeOS vs. 86. I know Wyze app doesn’t work with windows but it should work with ChromeOS, since it runs all Android app from the Play store.

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There’s a #wishlist item for computer viewing here(this includes Chrome OS):

You may be able to do this using APK Mirror, but I don’t have any experience with it and I’m unsure how stable it is.

If you only need to view the cameras, you should try TinyCam. It can be unstable at times , but works well for watching the cameras. You can purchase cloud recording services from TinyCam, but it’s not worth it if you already use Cam Plus or the local SD card recording.

yeah, i just dont see why they cant make the Android App work on the Chrom OS, all they have to do is add the ChromOS in the manifest…

The app doesn’t load on a few Android tablet types through the Play Store. So far Wyze hasn’t done much to remedy it. I wouldn’t hold your breath for ChromeOS.