How to view wyze cams on chromebook

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Depending on the age / model of your Chromebook - you can download android apps. I’ve downloaded the Wyze app and it works fine on my Chromebook. Formatted like a phone layout but works none-the-less.

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I tried that but didn’t allow me to download wyze app. Fyi my chromebook is a Acer 2018.
Thank you

Can you explain what you mean viewing it on chromebook? I thought these cannot be used with computers?

Yes, for Windows PCs you need to run an Android emulator like BlueStacks in order to run the WyzeCam app.

But, Google Chromebooks run “Chrome OS” which is essentially Linux which is essentially Android - more or less-ish. :wink:

So you can install ~some~ Android apps on ~some~ of them

Install Android apps on your Chromebook

Chrome OS Systems Supporting Android Apps

Hi. Im a bit confused here. So you are telling me since at the moment i have my iphone paired with the wyze… i can also pair my chromebook with it as well?

So you mean if i want to use my chromebook and view my camera inside my apartment where i have the camera…i can do this. If i want to use my chromebook and view my camera when outside from my apartment, i can do this as well?

Sure! ~IF~ it’s listed on that list of Chrome OS systems that support Android apps.

We view our Wyze cams using the same one account on iPhones, Android tablets and a Win10 PC running BlueStacks - depending on what is handiest. Doesn’t matter where we are, just as long as everything is connected by relatively fast internet.

I do not currently own a Chromebook to prove it, but my understanding is that if your ChromeBook is on that list of approved devices, it ~should~ install the free Android app from the PlayStore and work just like your iPhone. Can’t hurt to try! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have a recent Chromebook that supports Android apps, the Wyze app will most likely not be available (search for it in the Play Store app), but you can use Tinycam to view a live feed from your cameras (as long as you aren’t using two-factor authentication). It works really well.

I used to be able to use the Wyze Android app on my Chromebook Pro but since I started with the Beta the app is no longer compatible with my Chromebook. I wish Chromebook compatibility could be added to the Beta version of the Wyze app.


My Chromebook is listed as able to load android apps but when I go to the Google Play store Wyze isn’t listed and if I go to Wyze and try to install it says my device isn’t supported. My device is listed as supporting Android, it is a Dell Chromebook 11 3180 with the latest updates. Other Android apps install, at least I assume they are android apps, I see them in the Google Play Store. Maybe I am missing something.


Wyze has not certified their latest app for use on Chromebooks, so you need to download tinyCam or tinyCam PRO from the Play Store. PRO works really well for me.

You should be able to sideload the Wyze app on a Chromebook. Google “sideload Chromebook” for more information.

This Android app says it is not available, brand new Chromebook.

Chromebooks run Android apps, but Wyze is not allowed.

Have you tried sideloading a version from here?

I know there was a time when really old Chromebooks would not run the Wyze app, but then there was a time when the Chromebooks being released would run the Wyze app.

Now, I don’t know - any information you post will be helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can run the Wyze app on anything you own, then maybe you can set everything up there and just run tinyCam Free or tinyCam Pro on the Chromebook?

I must have installed it at the right time - I have no issue running the Wyze app on my Google Pixel Chromebook. App runs in a smaller window like an emulator but works perfectly fine.

I have a pixel chromebook. Did it show up in the playstore for you?