No Wyze Camera Pan app for Chrome OS?

I do not see a Wyze Camera app in Google Play store when searching on my Google Slate Chrome OS tablet. Many/most Android apps work on it just fine–am I missing something?

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I’ve had a dozen Android tablets over the lat 10 years and have found that many apps just aren’t available in the play store for certain devices. Back when I was installing custom android roms on tablets, I even had to change the device names in the build.prop of the tablet to get certain apps, but that can get complicated.The Slate is one I’ve never had and I’m not familiar with at all… If it truly isn’t there, you would have to find the apk to download and side-load it and see if it works. Before all that though, you may want to make sure your Slate is fully updated which may help.

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Thnaks, raym64. My Slate is 2 weeks old and fully updated; I’m not sure if it’s Google or Wyze Labs who blocks the app. It is Chrome OS, not Android, but as I already said, most of the apps just work fine, although are not fully optimized.

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I believe its not only Wyze app which is not ported/available on Chrome OS, its the same thing with most of other Android apps. This will depends on the apps’ developer if they think there’s a market value for them to invest on porting/developing their app for Chrome OS.

I’ve never used the Chrome OS, so I’m no expert, but I do know there ways to install android apk files on the Chrome OS. I also haven’t seen where Wyze has the app apk available for download, but if you can get it, take a look at this link on how to side-load android app apk files to the Chrome OS:

here is a version of the app from august 28th. you could try it on this. I’m not sure on how to update it though if it’s not naively carried. keep in mind this is technically speaking the “android apk” Ive never dealt with Chrome OS so this is as far as my understanding goes.

I found this with a quick search on these forums.

I just got a chromebook and saw no wyze app.
My solution was tinycam pro which works fine on chrome os Google assistant is also available for chrome os so you have voice control. not ideal but works for me

+1 for Tinycam…I use it daily on my chromebook

I found a very recent apk file (from Dec. 2019), but when I read that the installation process via a developer setup clears out my tablet, I dropped the idea, at least for now.

I also found that the Wyze Cam Pan app works just beautifully in a Windows Android emulator BlueStacks,