Wyze will not install on Android 13 tablet

Cannot download and install Wyze app on Android 13 tablet. The app store indicates that the app cannot be installed on the tablet. How can I install Wyze app on a Android 13 tablet?

Try sideloading the Wyze app from a mirror site. I use APKMirror. Download and install the nodpi version of the app:


That is odd. Maybe Google or Wyze changed the requirements. I installed the Wyze app on my A9+ without issue about a month ago. Last week I got updated to Android 14.

I bought a cheap ($90) 10 inch tablet. So that may be the problem. When I try to download the Wyze app from PlayStore it states “This app won’t work for your device”.

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Did the apk mirror resolve your issue? Curious as I never used apk mirror.

I never did sideload the app since I only had one Wyze product, the Cam Pan V3. The camera proved to be very quirky and I decided to go with another camera brand.

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You may already be aware of this, but one thing to note about some inexpensive tablets is that they often run a pared-down variant of the OS, “Android (Go edition)”, and some developers don’t enable installation of their apps via Google Play Store on Android Go. I just wanted to stick that in here in case you run into trouble installing other apps onto your tablet.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m able to use the Wyze app (installed from Google Play Store) on my low-end tablet running Android 13 Go, and it has no problems with the Cam Pan v3. (Viewing the feed from a Cam OG in landscape mode is another matter.)

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Similar to Crease - and partially the same but further - this kind of thing can happen on any device under odd situations. There’s some weird combinations of things people or apps get into.

And app makers can disable or enable devices for any manufacturer for any reason anyway.

So, even sideloading won’t necessarily work or work without additional problems. Would have to try it to know.

It is always a gamble you take buying a cheap tablet. Been there.