Android 12 compatibility

Recently upgraded to a new tablet running Android 12. I went to download the Wyze App and was informed that the app is not compatible with Android 12. Confirmed with live chat. This makes my cameras useless for viewing. Please update the app. Exiting loyal customers upgrading equipment such as myself will look to other systems. Coming out with new cameras is cool but not useful as customers will not be able to use them. Thank you.

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I’m running the Wyze app on numerous Samsung and Lenovo tablets under Android 12 with no issues. The problem is not a Wyze app compatibility issue with Android 12… the problem is that the Google Play store doesn’t recognize some tablet brands as compatible with some Android 12 apps. What brand and model of tablet are you using?


Lenovo Yoga 11. Is there a work around where I can download the app without using Google Play?
Wyze response to me was that the app is not compatible and I was out of luck.
Thanks for your response.

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Yes, you can sideload the current Wyze app for Android (version from a mirror site. I use this one:


Worked! Thanks so much.

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Glad to help and great to hear you’re up and running. :+1: Please note that until someone adds Yoga 11 to the list of compatible tablets in the Google Play store, you may need to continue to manually update your app from a mirror site when Wyze publishes new Wyze app versions. I initially had the same issue on Lenovo M series tablets. Someone fixed the issue and the Google Play store magically started updating the Wyze app on my Lenovo tablets.

Hello back in September I got my first three OG cameras up in Dallas everything was fine with the app in viewing the live stream using my Samsung a20, in November I installed three more OG at my mom’s house everything still going fine with my Samsung a20 but then had to switch to a Samsung a21 and now the Upstream live viewing of each of the cameras does not work and I’m wondering if that has to do with switching to the a21 which is an Android 12 when the a20 was an Android 10, when I watch the live video feed within 10 seconds it goes down to zero KBs and just freezes, although events are still detected and recorded it’s just watching the video feed live that does not work.

When I click on the link it takes me to a page with so many ads and pop-ups I don’t even know which is the download link can you help me out?s

If you can’t install from the Google Play Store and want to sideload, the latest Wyze app version for Android is From APKMirror, look for the teal button that reads, “DOWNLOAD APK 188.89 MB”.

Pardon the naive question, but what are the benefits of installing the app this way?

I don’t have problems downloading it from the Play Store but,

The issue I am having is not being able to view my cameras live in real time without having to use the wi-fi, viewing the cameras using just a cellular is not working and I have pinned the issue down to my phone which is a Samsung a21.

My 8:20 went bad and got this as a replacement phone but I never had issues on the a20, my friend and my sister downloaded the app on their phones and they can view the cams using just cellular so I figured it’s my phone.

I’ve read that the issue could be Android 12 which is what I am running on my phone, but other people have told me that their Android 12 phone is working just fine regarding watching the cams live in real time.

Is that the issue, or is the issue more about the particular Android variant a device might be running?

This would lead me to believe that a developer at Wyze flipped the switch and said that they’d allow Google Play Store to install the app onto devices running Android (Go edition). I say that because I have a Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen) that initially shipped with Android 12 (Go edition) and then updated itself to Android Go 13. Despite that, I still can’t install a particular security app from Google Play Store that I use even on an older device running Android 10 (not a “Go edition”). (I haven’t tried the side-loading route with that one. I just know from this developer that they officially do not support Android Go, and, to their credit, they’re explicit about that on their Web site.)

At this point, I’m really just asking my previous question for my own curiosity. :thinking:

Having said all that, I’m still using the Wyze app as installed from Google Play Store on devices running Android 10, Android 13, and Android 13 (Go edition), and I see that the app’s description page on Google Play Store currently says that it “Requires Android 7.0 and up”.

I will give it a try later on but do you think downloading from the mirror will fix my particular issue?

I don’t think so, no, based on what you’ve described so far, since you’ve already said that you don’t have any problems installing the Wyze app from Google Play Store.

Your issue seems like something that differs quite a bit from the original post, so perhaps @Seapup or another moderator will split your question out into another topic so that it can get better visibility. What assistance have you been able to receive from Wyze Support?