Android 12 compatibility

Recently upgraded to a new tablet running Android 12. I went to download the Wyze App and was informed that the app is not compatible with Android 12. Confirmed with live chat. This makes my cameras useless for viewing. Please update the app. Exiting loyal customers upgrading equipment such as myself will look to other systems. Coming out with new cameras is cool but not useful as customers will not be able to use them. Thank you.

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I’m running the Wyze app on numerous Samsung and Lenovo tablets under Android 12 with no issues. The problem is not a Wyze app compatibility issue with Android 12… the problem is that the Google Play store doesn’t recognize some tablet brands as compatible with some Android 12 apps. What brand and model of tablet are you using?


Lenovo Yoga 11. Is there a work around where I can download the app without using Google Play?
Wyze response to me was that the app is not compatible and I was out of luck.
Thanks for your response.

Yes, you can sideload the current Wyze app for Android (version from a mirror site. I use this one:

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Worked! Thanks so much.

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Glad to help and great to hear you’re up and running. :+1: Please note that until someone adds Yoga 11 to the list of compatible tablets in the Google Play store, you may need to continue to manually update your app from a mirror site when Wyze publishes new Wyze app versions. I initially had the same issue on Lenovo M series tablets. Someone fixed the issue and the Google Play store magically started updating the Wyze app on my Lenovo tablets.