Android Wyze app working on Chromebooks

Chromebooks now have the ability to install Android Apps from the Play Store. The feature is out of beta. The Wyze App says device not compatible. It is because the developer needs to authorize their app to work with Chromebooks. Please do like every other Android App developer whose apps I had to use and make time for the few minutes this authorization takes to do.

There is a very related post here: View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

But since this is a different kind of implementation path and presumably much easier than a new full browser implantation, I have added this to the wishlist as a separate topic.


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For the past 2-3 weeks the Wyze app won’t install on Android tablets. We get the same ‘incompatible’ message.
Are you able to sideload the app on your Chromebook?
It’s not a solution, I’m just curious to see if the app works on the Chromebook.

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@Loki indeed this should be a few minutes to an hour max to implement. (Quite different from what you link. I saw that as well.) OK, testing may take a bit. I volunteer. Have two Chromebooks here to test on. In fact, I have not come across an app I wanted to use that doesn’t work. (OK. Maybe some streaming apps I came across that were blocked. Some are back since.) Most developers do this by default. If there is a good reason why Wyze does not do it, I guess it is fine (like, as says, there is a problem with the entire tablet layout, though for the Chromebook, the phone layout would be sufficient to run the app in in a Window while I work on something else). I guess security can be a concern. Some streaming apps tuned off support but stealing the entire stream is not a concern here. The feature (Android Apps from the Play Store on Chromebooks) is out of BETA so that is not a concern anymore either. So it should just be done by default. Most developers do it. I think I just read somewhere that sideloading is coming to ChromeOS. It was not possible before the current version released earlier this month. And it is still quite involved. Give me a bit and I’ll figure it out. Any advice on where to get the apk?

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I use APKPure.

Wyze doesn’t have a different app or layout for phone and tablet like some apps. There is just a glitch right now where the Wyze app on the Play Store is seeing tablets as incompatible.
Wyze says they are waiting for the Play Store to resolve it. I doubt it’s a Play Store issue but I’ve been wrong before. :slight_smile:

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They have fixed the android app to allow it to work on tablets again but I am thinking they forgot about the chromebook users. I still have my really old wyze app v2.2.38 installed on my chromebook that has the play store. When I try to update to the new app, it tells me it is not compatible on my device anymore. I wonder whatever they did to fix it to work on tablets, if they could do the same for chromebooks. I feel it’s not technically a wishlist item because it used to work on chromebooks.


There is a way to sideload apks onto Chromebooks that are based on later versions of Android. But, and this is a big but, the Chromebook must be in developer mode for it to be able to sideload.

For Chromebooks getting to developer mode is not just tapping something in Settings a few times as it is in Android… it is set at startup time after a SYSTEM RESET. Then Chrome OS nags you to reset developer mode from then on. And we don’t really know that this will allow the Wyze app to actually work even then.

So, it is a workaround but a very unattractive one. Maybe Wyze could check to see what is preventing installing from the Play Store as an Android app on Chrome OS.


You might try APKmirror as a source for APKs.

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Just a comment by last year the application was install able on a chromebook via the play store as it is still there and works, but is buggy due to being out of date. Is it possible that a flag just needs to be set in the apk so we can install on chromebooks again?

Mayyyybeeee… if you’re comfortable editing APK files and the newer versions don’t have any new dependencies… (so probably not)

If you get it to work, post it and you’ll be a hero!

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Are any of you on Facebook?
Maybe you should ask WYZE there. The developers don’t pay much attention to this forum.
It took me over a week to get through to them that the app wasn’t available to any tablet a couple of months ago.


I just need to chime in here to add my frustration. I’m certain there are many more of us out there who are frustrated with not being able to view our Wyze cams on Chromebooks and Wyze needs to understand that. I just bought a Chromebook to replace my tablet and I’m rather shocked to find out Wyze has not upgraded it’s android app to work on Chromebooks.


I’m still shocked they don’t have any form of Windows or browser viewer and I found that out years ago. :wink:

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agree. i have switched completely to Chrome OS. Just got a new chromebox that is equal to the $ i would have spent on a windows cpu . my previous chromebox was out of update age.

but i have a bunch of cbooks - some are too old to work with Play Store but my two recent ones do and one older one is still able to be updated and the new cbox has app / play store access. it is interesting to see what works and what doesnt - sonos2 is not working (doesnt connect and the app is not scaled)

i am disappointed that there is not even a basic Android app for the chrome os.


I see absolutely no viable option. I do have Bluestacks running on my Windows 10 PC and the Wyze app seems to work well with Bluestacks but I don’t see that Bluestacks is available for Chromebooks. I did investigate a number of leads where it looked like I could use Bluestacks as an extension in Chrome on my Chromebook but when I tried to use it, it seemed to lead me astray and my browser got hijacked and I had to do a factory reset. So, no, there aren’t any options.

Make the android app available for Chrome OS devices on the Google Play store.


I saw a post from a user that they were able to download it from the play store one month ago; but still do not see it for my pixelbook. Has anyone been able to download it.

Nope. Appears to be a lost cause.


Ok. Thanks for the reply