Using wyze app on chromebook

cannot load app on my samsung plus chrombook

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Welcome to the community, @plcrupper. That capability doesn’t exist at this time. Please see this Wishlist request. :slight_smile:

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Please read through How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap.

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thank you for this information

Any update? Will Wyze ever work with chromebooks? This is an increasing issue to me; if this isn’t in the works, I’ll sadly be looking at other smart-home collections. Thanks for any update on this!


What is going on with the Chrome PLAY STORE App for Chromebooks!

NOT THE SAME THING … we NEED the APP not the web view.

I see you’ve commented on the wishlist topic, but have not voted. Please follow this link to the wishlist topic and click the “Vote” button to help move this request along:

Android App working on Chromebooks

Thanks i did it!

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I looked in the Playstore but don’t see any Wyse app

This is exactly the point. The question is, WHY won’t Wyze put their app in the Play store for Chromebooks???