Android Wyze app working on Chromebooks

I am on the beta channel for my Pixelbook (Chromebook) and I am able to use the Wyze app on this Chromebook. I downloaded the latest Wyze APK from (Wyze App version 2.15.35) and then used the procedure documented at How to Easily Sideload Android Apps on Chromebook [Guide] | Beebom to install the apk file. Did not need to run developer mode on the Chromebook or use the Developer Channel. Unknown if this also works in the Stable Channel.


I saw that but if you got to beta channel does it wipe everything you have installed on stable channel? You cannot use it on stable channel. I chatted with google support and they told me if you flip from stable to beta and vice versa it is the same as wiping it ; but without going to dev mode.

Can you confirm if you lost all your files going to beta channel? Did it wipe your downloaded content in the folders etc.?

I was going to do it until I saw I would loose all my suff. I was on beta for the pixel phone up to 2.15.11; but dropped back down the the current stable 2.14.33. They fixed my issue with all the camplus services gone. They were restored this morning.

Dear Wyze team. Any chance you can do something so we don’t have to do this BS? I am 100% sure it is not hard. A flick of a switch somewhere and it’d be fine. :frowning: (So frustrated with this.)

And if not, please just tell us. Maybe add a sentence on why to make us feel like you care.

Appears a powerwash is not needed going from stable to beta. You may try to install the APK in stable channel. If you can enable ADB Debugging in Linux Settings, probably should work

  • If you’re switching to a more experimental channel (Beta or Dev), your device will start to download an update, then ask you to restart your device.
  • If you’re switching to a more stable channel (Stable or Beta), select Change channel and Powerwash . When the update installs, click Relaunch and Powerwash . Everything will be deleted from your device, and you’ll need to sign in with your Google Account again.
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yeah, i will probably try it without powerwash. I tried already to install apk and it says cannot in stable but I did not have adb debugging on.

very disappointed that this is still a problem and that there’s no update on this issue.


Can someone from Wyze give us an update on if this is in the works? Please allow us to download the app from the Play Store.

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I vote for this as well, ChromeOS is growing fast so they should test the app on it and hopefully release it in the play store. I would gladly beta test on ChromeOS.

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The truth is Wyze doesn’t give a [Mod Edit] about their app. This is 100% on Wyze, developers decide what platforms their apps are available on, and Wyze has clearly decided that Chrome OS Android apps are not something they want to support. The app used to be available, but someone decided that it was too hard to support and they turned it off.

Instead, they want to sell you smart watches, bulbs, vacuums, alarms, RC Cars, headphones, scales, sprinklers, locks, handheld vacuums, anything to distract from the fact that they can’t program their way out of a paper bag. Cameras are still using local time internally, instead of using UTC and an offset, so when the time changes in the fall, you lose an hour of video.

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I upgraded to Eufy cams. Android app, works on chromebook, web app for PC’s. Stopped waiting for Wyze.


I have a Eufy one too. Better picture, better app, no cloud video stored who knows where, RSTP out of the box, but I already have 10 Wyze Cams (V1-V3) that I don’t want to throw away quite yet.

I just sold (5) Wyze Cam V2’s for $80, had five buyers in 30 minutes.

I wonder if the legacy person detection transfers over to the new owners, or is it tied to the original account?

Tied to the account just like CamPlus would be.

Couldn’t agree more, they seem to be extremely busy rushing out new crud/gimmick type products vs. truly supporting their base (sounds familiar) with whats needed for long term retention.

This will only end one way if not fixed soon & well, …Wyze will lose many, many customers, as well as more bad press and then = down the crapper…

I have pretty much given up on Wyze fixing issues with their Cams or adding any new features. They seem set on releasing as many products as possible, probably want to IPO and cash out. I have migrated to Eufy 2K Cams and their app works great on my Chromebook.

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I am a product manager for mobile apps. Do you know how easy it is for the Android build to be made compatible for installation on a Chromebook? SERIOUSLY easy.

It’s simply a matter of changing some settings in the app manifest (essentially any hardware items listed in the manifest if not actually required need to be labeled as required=“false”) and some other things like updating the target SDK level. Create a new build & deploy.

It’s obvious this is not a priority in the Wyze Dev Team’s backlog, because this is ridiculously simple!

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Being easy isn’t the key, I think, at least not for Wyze.

They just don’t have the manpower. They don’t even have software testing in place.

It isn’t just changing a few build switches here and there. It will require hiring more people to support that new platform. And if I know Wyze, they are thinking along the line, the Chrome OS base isn’t that big, why would I allocate resources for it when people are after me for failure to deliver on RTSP I promised?

Edit - The windows base is at least an order of magnitude bigger than the Chrome OS. When did Wyze offer a Windows client?

I am sorry. The whole idea behind Chromebooks abilities to run Android apps is that NO ADDITIONAL SUPPORT is needed over those switches that need to be flipped to allow the app to run. So, someone, please, just do it!

The fact that your compare this to support on Windows really shows how little clue it have about the subject matter. This would take them somewhere between 1 to 3 hours, not exactly comparable to developing for a whole new platform.

I primarily blame Google because their cross compatibility should be automatically on unless explicitly switched off and not vice versa. If there are necessary checks Google should force the app off the app store if the developers don’t do them. Eventually this will be done but I really hope we don’t have to wait for this moment to get compatibility.

Honestly, this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Please put in the hour of work. Please. Just last night I recommended the hardware to someone but I did it begrudgingly exactly because of this and this thread and knowing the level of support to be expected from the Co on trivial things like this. This should have been done by the person responsible for the Android app within hours (max days) of the original post this is so trivial.

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Things don’t work that way in real life, business or legal. You advertise your ChromeOS product, you support it. Not everyone is like you (nor me). Have you seen some of the questions in the forum?

Edit - Let me make myself clear here. I’m not justifying Wyze’s position. I’m just saying this is their likely position.

At any rate, they’re forced to support any new platform, or they are likely to lose lawsuits. The only alternative of course is, to open source their code. That is even more unlikely.

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