Wyze Cam Pan v1 , Google Pixel 3a, Chromecast TV, Asus Chromebook(s)

Just joined BETA with Chrome OS that is an Android TV as well.

I have multiple Android devices that share the Google account and I use Chrome to
switch between them exploiting SYNC to make it smooth.

The Chromecast TV now has a remote to use as standalone app device.
It does not find the Wyze app in it’s store search instead it finds the YouTube Wyze channel.

The Wyze APP is not usable on the tablet and Chromebook running latest Chrome OS.
I will attempt to side load from Pixel 3a phone but want to find the beta in the Play store

Is there a way to request these devices to be addressed and promoted for testing ?

Also since the Chrome OS requires WiFi to be usable it makes a nice way to check the front
door for deliveries when elsewhere in the LAN.
This would be faster with RTSP capabilities.

BTW: “RTSP” on Chromecast TV gets YouTube content.

I’ll be back…
(After side load tests)

EDIT update:
I tried “Share APPS” in Play Store but Wyze message was “Can’t receive (send) this app”
Can’t side load without entering Chrome OS developer mode that erases all data so not
going to attempt.
Final verdict is not worth the effort if camera is only usable with cell phone and not
Chrome OS or browser.
I expect Apple and Android tablets may work but no way to evaluate.
The Amazon Fire HD Tablet I have hacked to add play store works well enough to be
able to test BETA as built when it becomes available to me.

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