Wyze Google Home Integration Beta Test3

Not sure if I should post this here, so i apologize if not, but I got the beta invite a few days ago, but have been on vacation and just now have been able to play with it.

The big issue I have found so far is the stream doesnt show on my android tv (mi box s). It plays to my vizio tv with a built in chromecast fine, but when i say to show the stream on my android tv it says unavailable. Is this a known issue? This should be no different than casting to a chromecast, as the android tv has all the chromecasting tech built in.

Anyone else have this issue?

Hey everybody.

I’m in the beta program, but I was able to play the stream only on my Chromecast 3rd gen.
It doesn’t work on either of my two Android TV Built-in Chromecast (Oreo) nor on my first gen Chromecast.

Is this a known issue?

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I think it might have to be running on Chromecast OS not sure if android chromecast is supported I may be wrong tho .

my Chromecast 1st gen is running on Chromecast OS (supposedly?), I don’t see why it shouldn’t work

I agree, i think it should work as well. Android TV is a cast target just like a chromecast. I bought a second vizio last week and the built in chromecast streams the live view as well, fingers crossed they will figure out how to get android tv to work.

How can I join the beta?? i have 4 cameras

I believe it is closed now. Hopefully will be out of beta soon