Android Wyze app working on Chromebooks

Ditto Windows App and Chromebook/Android support is needed - I have hundreds of customers that i would then recommend getting wyze but i need to be fully comfortable with wyze.


Wyze app for chrome os

Wyze app compatible with chrome os, so we can use chrome tablet to use wyze cams as baby monitor

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WyzeApp for Chromebook or Laptop

The Wyze app on my android phone runs the battery down. I would like the ability to have a constant monitor on a device that can stay plugged in.

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At what point is Wyze going to revisit the Android App Chromebook compatibility? The beta web interface they have is terrible and if TinyCam can properly implement their Android app on Chromebooks, Wyze should easily be able to do the same. Seems like an easy solution to a problem that they are not solving. Why spend the time and resources on their own web interface when they can easily implement the android app on ChromeOS. I would love to get some sort of response from Wyze on this.


As someone who is paying for cam plus on five different cameras, and has their home security system as well as multiple vacuums, bulbs and watches (for my kids), I’m tremendously disappointed that this hasn’t been corrected yet. Our entire family uses Chromebooks for 90% of our day-to-day tasks, and for my wife and I to simply be able to pull up the app on our Chromebooks while we’re working would be such a benefit for our doorbell notifications, as well as checking in on our vacation rental property. Combine this and their failed integration with the outdoor cams on our google home hub max, and I’m seriously considering giving their competition my money for both home security and camera monitoring.


Who would like the Wyze app to run on Chromebook?

I would like to be able to use the Wyze Camera app on my Chromebook. Who else has a Chromebook they would like to use to monitor their cameras?

Wyze won’t make the effort unless they see significant demand. Make this thread blow up and we might get their attention.

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Came to this site for this suggestion (well for sprinklers but still) - found this suggestion, Amen! They should enable it for all their apps in my opinion.

Yes! PLEASE make the app available for Chromebook. It makes no sense that it’s not.


Why hasn’t this been done yet?

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Agreed. This would be a very useful addition, sounds like it can be done. Come on Wyze.

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I’m back, this still isn’t available and I’m very sad about it. I would love to be able to watch my cameras on my Chromebook and still be able to utilize my phone. Please please make this available.

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Yes please!!! Come on Wyze, why in the world don’t you have your app in the Play store that works on Chromebooks?

Wyze App for Chromebook

Why don’t you have your app in the Play store for Chromebooks?

1 year later and still not working.

Wyze - please get your act together

Look. At this point, and given events of the past year, it is safe to assume that this feature is not coming and it was a conscious decision on their part. Since last year they started selling multiple services that would allow you to watch on your desktop (I think, didn’t really look so closely, but I thought I saw it in one of the emails promoting the new pay features). They don’t want to make it available for free. I just wish they would come out and say it. *This can be said diplomatically, direct us to the pay features kindly.) It is an understandable policy, especially since the number of Chromebooks in the hands of people is quite large now. Sad, but I think it is clear this is what’s going on.

So I have to assume they removed and refuse to allow a Chromebook app because they want to force us to pay for the web view subscription service? It’s pretty frustrating. Looks like they even made TinyCam remove Wyze from their supported cameras. That’s even lamer.

Wyze: JUST SAY IT. And if something used to work and you take it away, that’s horrible. Anyone who cares about customer service and reputation doesn’t pull that kind of bad juju to their customers.

What’s next, you going to start charging for your mobile phone app???

It feels like you are intentionally blocking this. A Chromebook should be able to run an Android app from the play store. Why are you not allowing Chromebook users to run your app?

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Wyze app system requirements currently specify compatibility with iOS/iPadOS (14.0+) and Android (7+) only:

ChromeOS is not Android. Some Android-specific apps function under ChromeOS and Google includes those apps in their Play Store. On the occasion you see a Wyze app version available in the Play Store from a Chromebook, this is currently not the equivalent of Wyze specifically pushing their app for ChromeOS use. That Wyze app version is still tagged as requiring Android 7+ and if it works at all, it will work with limitations and unexpected behavior as the current Android Wyze app is not optimized for ChromeOS:

If you are running ChromeOS 113+, you can sideload the Android Wyze app by downloading the .apk from a mirror site and enabling developer mode on your Chromebook, but there is no guarantee the app will function properly and most Chromebooks state sideloading voids the warranty. I have the current Wyze app running under both ChromeOS 113.0.5672.134 and Ubuntu devices, but I’m not going to delineate instructions on this forum. If you’re interested in sideloading under ChromeOS, please run a Google/search for details or visit the XDA Developers forum.

The beta feature referenced by the OP (App Runtime for Chrome) was scrapped for ChromeOS in 2016 in favor of a container-based solution.

This wishlist topic seeks to optimize the Android Wyze app for use under ChromeOS and make the app available in the Play Store to Chromebook users, not push the current Android app to the Play Store for ChromeOS/Chromebook use.