Android Wyze app working on Chromebooks

Wyze app on Chromebook

Yes, I searched. The problem is, there’s never an acceptable answer on any of the threads that have asked. Please explain precisely why you don’t provide your app for Chromebooks. Is it because you want to push people into buying CamPlus? That’s not an acceptable reason. Why do you provide the app for Android but not Chromebooks? I do not want to deal with sideloading. I just want you to give us a Chromebook app in the store. Will you? If not, please someone from Wyze explain why.

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Honestly … the continuing ignoring of Chromebooks and Chrome OS is not only ridiculous but frankly arrogant.

NO one using Chromebook daily for work is going to enable Developer mode.

Your company spends thousands of dollars on development and production on all kinds of new devices and yet can not prioritize the ability to manage cameras and locks (surely the most selling devices and the most important to most people) in an OS that is used by more and more all the time (cost and ease of use)

You are deliberately ignoring a huge market here. I have many many of your devices and have waited since you introduced cameras for Chrome OS functionality. Yes i am one of the early buyers of your devices and have continued to purchase for years … patiently waiting.

NEST and RING both have apps that work in Google Play Store.

I can open either of them to fully functioning apps (hmm just like the ones on my iPhone) - wonder how they can do it but WYZE can not?

Its a matter of choice … as soon as i finish a major reno i am going to sell all of my WYZE devices and replace them with a brand that supports ALL platforms.

I made the choice to purchase Ring Floodlights and Ring Doorbells and Outdoor cameras when I added those to my house BECAUSE of no WYZE Chrome OS app. I am so tired of the excuses for non compatibility from WYZE.

Its obvious you dont care about losing customers.

I wont even start with the problems i had with adding CamPlus Unlimited and switching from Cam Plus Lite.

I manage customer and technical support at a software company and the cavalier attitude of 'oh we just dont have /cant do a version that will run on Chrome OS ’

honestly … that is [Mod Edit] you could do it.

Again why is it that RING and NEST each have apps that work on Chrome OS and WZYE says that cant do it?

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It’s not my company. This forum is primarily a user-to-user community. I’m a just Wyze user like most here. I also don’t purchase products clearly marketed for iOS and Android and expect them to work under ChromeOS.

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This was asked in an AMA to some of the Wyze devs some time ago. I’m super paraphrasing here added with my own considerations, so don’t quote me as officially speaking for Wyze (I’m not), but the overall feeling I got from the answer is that lots of people want Wyze to work on various other OS’s and platforms, including every smart TV OS (there are a lot of them), Windows, Linux, Fire Tablets, Chrome, etc. Part of the problem is that each require their own special changes in the app, which introduces more inconsistencies between app versions and introduces more potential points of failure, security concerns, maintenance, bugs, etc to keep up with every time they want to do any kind of update, whether a security improvement or add a new feature, etc, it exponentially slows down the overall progress for each separation to ensure it remains optimally secure and functional, let alone improving. If they had to do this for a dozen derivatives, they would probably have to raise prices.
Instead, they are targeting the majority markets. Almost everyone has either an Android or iOS device, so basically everyone can use the Wyze app on one of those 2. That covers 99.99% of the population able to use their services that way.

For others who desperately want to view cameras on any other device, they compromised with an alternative solution. Instead of building a separate app for every single platform, they created the web view, which will allow a person with Cam Plus to be able to view the cameras on any platform through a browser. It works on Chrome OS, it works on Windows, it works on fire tablets, it works on Smart TVs, it works on basically everything That supports any kind of browser.

My family has also had Chrome OS on several devices, but the truth is that we’re in the minority. Chrome OS holds just 0.42% of the global desktop market, so we are a very small niche market. I think they probably see that as an indication that their resources could be better deployed on something that will benefit at least the majority of their users before they work on things that will only be used by a tiny fraction of us.

This is the same rationale that they’ve also given for why they haven’t invested the resources into cross-platform API integrations, like having Wyze support Smart Things, Home Assistant, Hubitat, Homekit, etc. They were going to support Matter because Matter would support everything, But Matter hasn’t been turning out as great as advertised and it’s been really slow so far and still doesn’t support cameras yet.

In the end, I wish they would support more things. Their lack of extra integration, such as not supporting Home Assistant, is leading me to start searching out for other smart home devices since Wyze isn’t expanding theirs outside of cameras, and aren’t doing some critical cross-platform support as I’d hoped. But I can’t totally fault their logic and rationales. It makes a lot of sense. It’s just frustrating. And I am saying this as somebody who also very strongly wishes Wyze would expand their support to other platforms.
I still personally love their cameras and will keep using them, especially since the web view can be used on nearly anything.
I’m just saying that I can kind of understand their rationales for not spreading too thin and requiring a ton of ongoing maintenance with every extra more minor platform that they add which isn’t going to be used by the majority of their user base. I get that. It sucks, And I don’t like it, but there are some reasonable and logical rationales at least.

I didnt purchase DEVICES to work on Chrome OS
Thats a ridiculous statement

I DO expect SOFTWARE to be compatible with the THREE Operating Systems that are used by MILLIONS.

I agree with most of what you wrote.

However. How is it that RING and NEST have apps that work on Chrome OS?

Its all about priority and its obvious WYZE doesnt care.


After my recent debacle of support (FIVE chats in which NO one had a clue and then two phone calls and I gave up and emailed two of the owners and of course never heard back).

I would fire support personnel who behaved the way these did. Not one escalated my issue even though i had figured out the issue and knew it needed to be escalated to be resolved (it was about a subscription charged incorrectly but everyone kept denying it even though i have the ORDER).

Anyway … too big too many products poor support

I appreciate your reply but you know and I know if they wanted to produce an app that would work for Chrome OS (which by the way is much easier now than 10 years ago) they would.

Again … how is it that RING and NEST have apps that work on Chrome OS?

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I expect software and hardware to be compatible with exactly what is stated by a vendor’s product compatibility or minimum system requirements statements on packaging, website and advertisements and make no assumptions or demands. It’s nice to have an avenue for suggestions though. Meanwhile, my ChromeOS and Ubuntu laptops are getting lonelier by the day.

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If you have an Android phone, a simple work around for now is to add your phone as a connected device, this will allow you to make and receive phone calls on your Chromebook and even utilize apps on your phone via the Chromebook. Granted, it is not a native app on Chromebook but it does function. I would also like to see a native Chromebook app. At least the new My.Wyze.Com allows me to see the cameras. :slight_smile:

Here are some screen shots, these are screen shots from my chromebook and not the phone. Wanted to make sure this was clear :slight_smile: :


That’s an awesome workaround for now. Thanks for sharing!

As you said, a native app would be nicer, but I don’t see that happening in the near future, so it’s nice to see some other options in the meantime.

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AGREED!!! So annoying that Wyze won’t even acknowledge this issue. Having to hack around with APKpure and other side loading options is something Wyze should not want us to have to do. Just fix the app so we can load it from the store!