Revert To Previous Android Wyze App Version!

If anyone wants to download the previous Android Wyze app version. Here is the APK download for v 2.4.82 and older versions as well.

Release date: 07-09-2019

Notice: This only works for Android not iOS.

Download Android Wyze APP V 2.4.82


Thanks , because if I need to reinstall the app for some reason I’m gonna need it

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You’re welcome. It’s nice to know that you can go back to last working app when all else fails. I uninstalled the new app reinstalled and it seems to be working better not perfect though. And like you mentioned it didn’t ask me for my location this time either.

I use super backup which automatically backs up all apk’s on installation, useful for situations like this
I’ve had to do it on a couple of apps now

Don’t forget to disable auto update in app store afterwards


Thanks, I’m going to download it now. :grinning:

I always have auto update off

This ?

Yep that’s the one I use, started having ads on exit so may roll that back

Got it set for 5 versions, only had this phone a couple of months so most apps only have 1 or 2 versions

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If people want an alternative to apkpure, it’s also on APK mirror

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I went to APK Pure on my tablet and downloaded Wyze App 2.4.82 . This is the previous version before the new version that caused my tablet and cell to have a choppy 30 second live view delay.My Just uninstall the new Wyze app and dowload this one. My tablet and cell are working perfectly again…ensure that you first go in to settings/security and allow unknown sources for dowload.

THANK YOU! New to wyze cams. Setup cameras this weekend with very disappointing results using the app sideloaded on a couple fire tablets- almost unusable (lagging choppy streaming, barely functioning sd card playback ). Tried everything possible from moving the router, changing Wi-Fi channels, etc. Finally uninstalled the app and installed the older version and everything is awesome. I truly can’t believe the difference. Went from around 20-40 KB/s to consistent 120+ KB/s. Very happy and a great improvement from my old foscam ptz cams.

Thanks - solved ALL my issues with the new version!!!

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It works . Was unsure about a few things like it ask if I wanted to remove apk pack to save 4.8 GB space? I didnt I just cancelled it. Also said this file could harm device, but I took a chance and now for the first time since updates I can actually view my cameras. Keep fingers crossed that it continues to work . I loved these cameras when I first got them and they actually worked before the update.
Thank you so much…

You can now download the file for V2.4.82 from the wyze support site here

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Thank you so much another user sent me the message also and I downloaded it from another site . It is now working again. I’m so happy that it is…

Thank you again


Any way to get iOS down revs? v I just downloaded crashes continually.

Thanks @haloweenhamster. I will be using this in the future. I wish I had done this because right now I would like to roll back the Wyze app to eliminate it as a possible cause of my current woes.

And to any kind folks who may be inclined to offer me a unofficial link to an old APK: thanks, no. :slight_smile:

Backup Wyze App APK via Google Files

In case you want to revert to a previous Wyze Android app version without depending on APK Mirror or APK Pure repository websites or third party apk auto archiving apps…

You can use Google Files to make backups on a regular basis from the installed app:

You can download Google Files from the Google Play Store if it’s not on your device already. :slight_smile: