Android app rollback?

Good morning,

The latest Android app update did away with hardware decoder. With cameras set to SD or HD, live view is in slow motion - the seconds only move every 2-or-so seconds. Using 360p resolution solves the live view, but not the playback from the card.

Unless there is another setting or solution hidden within the new app, I would like to go back to what worked - 2.4.82.

Please let me know how to do it - I imagine Wyze maintains a repository of older app versions.

Thank you!

PS: I have already submitted a support request.

Thank you so much!

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I tried downloading twice, both times, the android installer said the file was corrupt.

I’m assuming that you meant you tried installing it.
I don’t have any experience with this , all I did was download that file on to my PC, I didn’t update my app
I’m still running the older app so I don’t need to rollback right now
You should go over to that other thread and ask questions

I am having the same problem. Why was hardware decoding removed??? The latest version is completely unstable and is now unusable. I can’t even switch from one camera feed to another without it getting stuck. This needs to be fixed. Put the hardware decoding back, or, I will be sending my cameras back. They better not be planning on charging extra for this. You could not have removed that feature. It was what made it actually work. There is probably a 20 second lag on my phone now. It was near realtime before. I want to downgrade. How do I do it?

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I’m not familiar with that website. I’m supposed to download the app from some website I don’t know or trust? Why doesn’t Android have a downgrade app feature?

Yup. No risk, no fun. And why there’s no downgrade button in Google store? That’s not question for me :smiley:

@able2ru Make sure to uninstall the current Wyze app before you try to install the previous version. This could cause undesirable results if you don’t. :boom: :dash:

@blubisu You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Last app update has pretty much done it for me. My system is useless. No reason Wyze don’t let you revert back to an older version without having to go through all this BS. I’m outa here!

Sorry to hear that, roachone, but I get it.

Change and stability seldom walk hand-in-hand. And Wyze is definitely changing rapidly. Given the magnitude of the task they’re tackling they’re doing pretty well, I think. And when they do pull a boner they’re definitely quick to respond.

Still, as I said, I get it. I’ve been there a few times myself.

re Hardware Decoder option removal

2.5.29 and 2.5.30 quickly corrected a couple of flaws. This one is a bit thornier, apparently: