Using a browser or desktop to access my cameras

Any chance we can use our computers to access our home and cameras. I love using my iPhone and iPad but it would be helpful to be able to use my iMac and laptop?

Not really. Got a few hours? :wink:

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Too bad no one answered you on this. Look up a program called BlueStacks. You can install it on your PC and then install the WYZE app on that program and use it just as you would be using it on your phone. Advantage is a bigger screen picture and you can monitor a camera while you are doing other things at the PC.

Someone did answer him or her. Me. With a prompt and direct straight answer and a link to the most relevant thread containing your suggestion amid dozens of others.

I see a total now of 3 replies. Your reply was “Not really. Got a few hours?” I’m sorry that you see that as helpful. Also a link with more unhelpful info. A helpful reply would have been to use the Bluestacks or other emulator for the app that would work on a PC. That was what their question was. Actually, Bluestacks might not work for an iPhone but there are those that do, like Smartface, Appetize, Ipadian and there are others that the OP may not have thought of.

Again, the link, which you clearly still have not read, contains your late to the party suggestion and many, many others. It is also the official roadmap link that follows Wyze’s path and promise to finally produce exactly the feature requested. Your advice is poor, inappropriate, misframed, and amusingly mistimed.

And of course Bluestacks won’t “work for an iPhone”. What does that even mean? It’s an Android emulator! (One of many.) Your suggestion is having someone install a resource heavy emulator of questionable reputation to then install within it a different OS’s app inside a simulation of an environment with which he may not even be familiar. All while newer Macs have native support for the app anyway, and while the actual vendor, Wyze, has recently announced they will finally provide the feature.

So for the original poster or for anyone else your posts above have been pointless and of limited value.

Feel free to keep enjoying Bluestacks. Lots of other Wyze forum posters have also mentioned their success with it.