Bring the Wyze iOS app to macOS

Similar to this? Could you elaborate more?

Currently Wyze only makes their app for the mobile setting, optimized for phones and tablets. In this use case the laptop is trying to make the mobile app work in the laptop setting. Kinda along the same lines as BlueStacks for pc. It works for me, but is kinda wonky because it’s a non mobile platform trying to display a mobile app.

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There is no MacOS app

Exactly, so what is your point? That there should be a MacOS app?


This is probably the cause of the issues, the app isn’t designed for the Mac.
There’s a Wishlist item for an app specifically for Macs, PCs, and Chromebooks.

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danieljdejesus is referencing this:

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Okay then Wyze – you just committed to full compatibility on a Mac! Very cool, lol. Voted :+1:

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Forum Moderators and Forum Mavens are not Wyze employees. I am a fellow Wyze user who volunteers to help moderate this forum. If Wyze chooses to develop this Wishlist request the status will change.


Please develop an app for Mac’s to view my cam 2’s.

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Wyze App for MacBook

How about making a Wzye App that works with the MacBook? It kind of works but frequently hangs up. Why was it only made for the iPhone and iPad?

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I have a mix of WYZE and HomeKit, it would be great if they worked on Homekit.
A first step would be to link a WYZE Outlet to a Homekit sensor, so the WYZE Camera trigger could operate other HomeKit outlets / switches.

Hoobs Device through Amazon or Raspberry Pi and HomeBridge.

That’s your answer, Google it.

Wishing for a Wyze APP for Mac OS laptops and desktops (that already have Blue-Tooth installed) Etc.

Last year 2022, I purchased a new MacBookPro 16 inch laptop to replace my 2009 15 inch MacBook Pro laptop. I have been through the user guide (leaflet) for the Noise-cancelling-headphones. I have a number of questions as I recently bought the headphones for use on my existing I-Phone 8 Plus, which does not have a headphone jack and the USB C does not work with either my I-phone or my MacBookPro laptop. I do not own a I-Pod, nor do I wish to invest in more equipment.

  1. I would like to propose that Wyze establish a relationship with to develop a Wyze App for Mac OS computers (laptop & desktops).

  2. I would like to propose that obtain permission from to be able to include the Noise-cancelling-headphones as OS computers have Blue-tooth capability and for a “young” Senior Citizen (1958 Boomer), I find that while I love my I-Phone, I find the keyboard on the phone too cramped for joints that are becoming arthritic, and even with reading glasses and adjust the font still is difficult to focus clearly. I don’t wish to destroy more forests by printing everything out, when I have a perfectly fantastic OS Computer. Please consider widening your market to reach users who are now grandparents.

  3. Your Helpdesk is very competent, but you don’t have adequate options for existing headsets and future ones to include a better system for charging the headset. The two cords for USB C and non-blue tooth earphones or earbuds are not compatible with the 2021 MacBook Pro laptop. I can (though I was told is not recommended) to plug the USB cord into my I-Phone jack to charge the headphones through a surge protector that is plugged into the wall socket. Moreover, I am able to use an adaptor cord for the USB C to the second USB cord socket diameter on the laptop, which is equivalent to input USB socket for the headset.

  4. Consequently, while it is possible to charge my headphones using the laptop, I am concerned that the battery in the headset only took less than 10 minutes to fully charge; and yet, the guidebook leaflet says it charging can take up to 2 hours. Before I charged the Wyze headset, please be aware that the indicator light was Red. In the final analysis, the one pitfall is that when syncing my Headphones with the laptop, I am not able to register the Wyze Headphone and make use of the Blue-tooth on my OS laptop. I think there are other people who like to listen to music on the laptop without disturbing others, and that was one consideration when I decided to buy the Blue-Tooth capable Wyze noise-cancelling-headphones. Seriously, please consider upgrading existing headsets and newly developed ones so that they can be utilized with OS products; and perhaps PC’s as well; NOT just IOS equipment.

Thank you.

I have been waiting for Wyze to work with Apple for quite a while, asking the they create an app for the Mac OS machines, be they laptops or the iMac desktops. Why they have not already created such app is a mystery and frustrating. After all, they have had an app for the iOS, i.e. iPhone and iPad since the day when Waze first came on the market.

C’mon Wyze, get to it. You could significantly increase sales of your Wyze products if you do.

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I completely concur with your idea. I had written something similar. It makes zero sense not to have an app for IOS and Mac OS machines. I have a perfectly good I-Message app on my laptop, and I cannot connect to either the IM or to make it compatible with Mac OS for FaceTime. I don’t particularly like to communicate over the i-phone. I am able to charge the Wyze earphones on my laptop, but they don’t recommend doing that. The whole reason for buying the headphones is so I can conduct conference calls using my Mac Laptop and not disturb others. Thank you.

Wyze App for the Mac Freezes

The app for the Mac will freeze up showing the spinning beachball, after viewing a few videos. it’s been doing this for a long time now and Wyze still hasn’t fixed it. There is no point in having this app for the Mac if it doesn’t work correctly, so it’s about time Wyze fixes it.

Really wish they’d make a Mac app. I’m running the Ipad app on Mac OS Ventura 14.1.1 and ever since i’ve had M1 MacBooks I haven’t been able to use the Mic to talk to anyone on the other end. I have 6 wyze cameras and after this last firmware update for the V3 Pro totally borked my cameras, I think i’ve almost had enough of Wyze’s lack of software testing or any hint of customer support other than online FAQs. Do better, guys. Your hardware is great, but you need to hire some quality devs and QA.

Wyze never said the app would work outside the world of mobile apps (Android and iOS). If you need it to work outside that, then you need the originators of that claim to emulate iOS or equiv better.

I have a love and hate relationship with Wyze. Love their cameras, hate their software. They haven’t figured out how to properly port the landscape mode on iPad and you people are expecting to port a MacOS app. Let’s get real.

The app works on silicone M1/M2 Macs but is far from perfect. There is no way to make view it full screen for starters. On the other hand, TP-Link has figured out a way to make the iOS version of the Kasa app behave properly. Proof is in the pudding :slight_smile:

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Then maybe Wyze shouldn’t have released it for the Mac. Everyone these days has such acceptance for software that is buggy or doesn’t work as advertised. It’s ridiculous!