Wishlist Features for MacOS (iPadOS on silicon Mac)

I tried to add topic in top level Wishlist, but seems disabled. This is my first post. Having a little difficulty. I searched and could not find any wishlist for features for MacOS, only the “Wish Granted” post saying you could now run Wyze iPad app on Silicone Macs.

Just installed Wyze app on my Mac laptop. Didn’t realize its the iPad app running on silicone Mac until I searched this forum.

So I’d like to start a features wishlist thread for iPadOS app running on MacOS.

As of now the implementation seems to limit the window viewing size on a Mac to either a non-resizable window of approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of screen (on my MacBook Air anyway). Or Full full screen, taking up 100% of screen real estate. No option to resize viewing window.

I’d like to view a small window in the top corner of my screen to keep an eye on a single camera. This could be accomplished if the wyze app window was resizable without restriction.


It’s unlikely that wyze will add native apps to macOS or windows because they are currently developing a web based app.

Check out my.wyze.com

A PIP feature would be cool for that website, you can suggest that and anything else here:

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Thanks. I tried going the web app earlier to check it out. The page wouldn’t open for me, just timed out. And it just failed to open again, following the link you provided. Not sure why I can’t get to it.

Is the camera video not loading or the whole page is not loading? Could you try on a different device or network?

The page is not loading. Neither on phone browser or laptop browser. Says server stopped responding, or server where page is located isn’t responding, or server is overloaded. Different messages on different attempts. Tried it with VPN on, and with VPN off. Same results.

@MichaelenEcuador if possible, do you mind DM me a screenshot of your error page ? We could take a look.


Thanks for the sharing, we will try to fix this issue.

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