Mac software

Is there any Mac Software, or Safari or Chrome extension to be able to view Wyze Cams on a Mac? Is Wyze working on anything or have they made anything available.

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Yes take a look here:

So yes they claim to be working on something but no, nothing exists now and nothing can realistically be expected for months or years from now.

See the crazily long thread above. Your best bet is probably the web server in the paid TinyCam Pro (unless you trust and have the resources for BlueStacks). And don’t feel bad; Windows and Linux users have nothing either.

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I’ve tried using this but it’s not good for a fast loading up of the app.

I would love to use tiny cam but it looks like it is android only. Is there any thing for iOS users that will do the same, my end goal is to be able to view my cameras on a Mac.

A rather expensive solution would be to wait until Apple releases their first Apple Silicon based Mac and purchase that, at which point you would be able to simply use the iOS app.

A less expensive route (for users) would be for Wyze to use Catalyst to adapt their existing app to run on the current Intel based Mac. I expect that would be easier than developing a Windows-based solution from the ground up, although apparently they have an eye toward a WebRTC-based solution that should work on any device with a modern web browser.

For now, the only solutions are to either run an Android emulator on the Mac, or use the RTSP firmware on the Wyze camera, and then a compatible app on the Mac.

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Great answer! Thanks.