MacOS upgrade to Ventura

Just upgraded to MacOS Ventura. Now the back-arrow and the expand screen no longer work. Instead either selection results in a still pic date/time of when I selected the camera. I accidentally discovered a mouse jexture will get me back to the camera selection screen. Very cumbersom. Fix on the way?

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Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @gilx ! :slight_smile:

The Wyze app is not approved for MacOS Ventura, and is unsupported there. I suspect you are running an iOS emulation. The fix would then be up to Apple or whoever is providing the emulation to emulate better. :wink:


Having the same problem, and when you record a video on the iPad and save it to the iPhoto app, the sound is now gone because the CODEC is apparently no longer supported. You have to export videos to a different app to get the audio to work. Really big problems.

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I’m using iOS 16.1 on both iPhone and iPad and all the videos I down loaded today have sound. Are you talking about recording manually from live view?

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Thanks for the quick reply. I wondered about the problem being with the IOS emulation just after I posted. I might try to find a couple of IOS emulators to see what they can do. Otherwise I can still get to my cameras, it’s just a bit more difficult.

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Yea, same here. Very disappointed.

Yes, recording manually. I am on Ventura 13.0, just updated… I am sad about this. No audio.

I couldn’t even get the Wyze app to even load once I installed MacOS Ventura. In fact my MacBook Pro M1 wouldn’t load and run any of the iOS apps I ran very successfully prior to. Opened tickets with Apple and Wyze. They both pointed fingers at each other. No suitable diagnosis was done in either case.

I’m guessing the implementation of SIP might have been part of the issue but the forums are very terse on SIP and I’m hesitant to mess with that at this point.

When you indicate MacOS is not approved for MacOS Ventura, where are you getting your information. I can load it still install it successfully with Ventura. Can you point me at an URL from either Apple or Wyze which elaborates on this topic.
Thanks in advance!