Weird App Issue on MacBook Pro and iPhone

So today the Wyze app for my M1 MacBook Pro froze up (spinning beachball), as I tried to open a recording. Had to restart the computer to things back to normal. This has happened several times in the past, but lately has been fine. Then as I was using the app on my iPhone 13 Mini to review more recordings my iPhone went black and then rebooted, this has never happened before. But I don’t feel it’s a coincidence that the app within minutes of each other had issues with both of my Apple products. Given Wyze’s history of software issues, I know the problem is on their end. Anyone else have this happen?

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Yes this has happened on my phone too . I have an IPhone 11 and for a while now when I have the wyze app open or in the background my phone will restart on its one randomly . I always panic and think it’s because my phone died but it’s not the case

But it could also be on apples end as well, theirs been lots of reports of phone acting slow and laggy and I think it maybe something to do with their software

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Considering this has never happened on my iPhone before and that’s what I mostly use to view my cameras through, I still think Wyze is the issue. I’d trust Apple’s software over Wyze’s any day. But it’s good to know I’m not alone with this issue.

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Seems like you and I are both cursed with our experience with Wyze…

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How are you using the app on your mac? An emulator? Emulators are not known to be realiable.

Also, I have had my phone restart like that from time to time. If your batteries getting old it can do that sometimes, and also sometimes it can happen on a new battery as well. As long as its not frequent its fine.

Wyze makes the app for the iPhone, MacBook and iPad, so no emulator nor would I ever use one.

The batteries are not old in my new iPhone 13 Mini, so that’s not the issue either.

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The main issue is the Mac is not an officially supported platform. So if it works, great. if it doesn’t, you probably aren’t going to be able to change that, as they won’t allocate resources to a fix.

You can submit the iPhone 13 Mini issue to Fix-it Friday though. They may be related, and fixing that may fix your Mac. :slight_smile:

I use an Amazon Fire tablet, same thing there. We can run the app, but it is an unsupported platform.

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Well if the Mac isn’t officially supported by Wyze, then they shouldn’t have made anything for it. Because crap software is well, just crap. And again, this fits into the Wyze business profile.

The other issue I keep having is with trying to submit to Wyze what the motion detection actually was. Most of time when I check one of the choices, by the time my finger gets to the submit button, my choice is unchecked. It was as if someone was watching and playing a game on me. But I figured out that somehow the software is using either the camera or proximity sensor in the phone, because if I cover the sensors in the screen notch then the issue doesn’t happen.

Wyze can fix all of this if they want to. Yet instead they’ve chosen to pump out more and more new products. If a company is going to make software based products, then they should at least invest heavily in that side of it. Hire talent and properly test prior to release!

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They didn’t make anything for it. You are attempting to run the phone app on something other than a phone.


I just checked the Apple App Store and it does say “Not verified for Mac OS”, but it is for the iPad. Well then if it’s not verified then it shouldn’t be on the App Store for MacBook downloads.

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That’s how the App Store works. Apple puts them there, and puts the “Not verified” if Wyze hasn’t said it works good on the Mac.