Turn off sound recording

I discovered yesterday that the “sound” toggle in the camera view on the app does not control the recording or capture of sound from the camera. It apparently always records sounds when recording video. The sound toggle apparently only mutes that sound from playing back through the app–the sound feed is still there, the app just doesn’t send it out the speaker. However, when watching the video stream, the phone/app apparently still believes that sound is coming through, so the phone treats it as if music, or media is playing (or I’ve read, in-car Bluetooth systems even identify it as an active phone call). So music player, or other sounds, are interrupted. I’m not aware of any way to turn “off” the sound from being recorded or separated so only “video” feed is sent to phone.

Go to the camera settings (gear icon), the Advanced Settings > Record Sound and toggle it off. That will keep sound from being recorded. There is no way (other than just not turning on the sound button) to keep sound from being sent with the live stream.

You can vote for the feature to disable the live stream audio (microphone) here:


Thanks Loki. I voted earlier today :grinning:

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